“A Long, Cold Winter For Men In America”

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A Man Tells Donald Trump How He’s Helped Him Learn To Win


A heartbreaking and very personal account of a Donald Trump supporter reveals his struggles growing up in a drug and poverty ravaged environment in Washington DC by writing an open letter to the Presidential frontrunner.  War Veteran Troy Morton addresses “President Trump,” calling himself “Just A Simple Man,” going on to detail his story on the Scott Adams ‘Dilbert’ blog starting out simply “No other candidate has ever captured my attention the way you have.”

The letter continues:

“Growing up as a black man in Washington DC during the “crack 80’s” when Marion Barry was mayor, I lived a lower middle class childhood in one of the most dangerous cities in America.

There was no father in my life to steel me against the world.

I was a boy, and I needed a Man.

Without strong male guidance, I learned to fear…but not how to face fear and win.  I have not reached my potential and instead settled in to apathy and stasis…not great.  Not strong.  not resolute…

My life, in many important ways, mirrors the American experience…Enduring, not winning.  No leadership. No strong Male inspiration.  And occasional, crushing defeats that hit to the core of our country…most notably 9/11, but also with the erosion of our middle class and uniquely American culture.

Like you say so often: we don’t WIN anymore.

Watching your campaign, and being as invested in it as I am, has been an exercise in recognizing and confronting fear that I never expected.

Every time your opponents hit you…I fear for you…I feel fear for your candidacy and our country…and causes me to worry that no one, not even you, can really change the country for the better.

Then, inevitably, you win the battle.  You don’t ‘survive’ or ‘endure’…you attack and put fear into your opponents.  You don’t stop until they are buried under your feet.  Until they become paralyzed…

trump with disabled vet

Once they are eliminated as a threat, you are generous to the vanquished.  It’s not personal.  They were simply in the way.  Your life is full of conflict, but it becomes yet another opportunity to WIN and makes you more powerful.

You became the man that helped me see fear for what it is: an illusion of power, a powerful teacher, and the path to winning if used properly.

You taught me how to win.

I appreciate what you’ve done for me personally and what you’re doing for our country…I can’t wait for you to become the father and leader of our country.  It’s been a long, cold winter for men in America the last eight years…your election will dramatically improve the level of respect, admiration and love people will show for strong men and Fathers, and will create a new generation of leaders from impressionable young boys.

That more than anything will Make America Great Again.”

The letter is simply signed, “Troy.”

To read the letter in it’s entirety, go to blog.Dilbert.com.








GOPe Created TRUMPzilla

Trump boxing

During Donald Trump’s press conference at Mar-a-Lago last night as the Super Tuesday results were still coming in, the media asked the candidate twice about whether he had disavowed David Duke’s ‘endorsement’ strongly enough.

After initially brushing aside yet another inquiry and understandably exasperated by the needless attention to a non-issue, the second reporter succeeded in getting a response from Trump by taking a slightly different approach.  A Sirius radio reporter asked about comments made by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and how will a President Trump unify the Republican party?

Trump’s answer exemplifies the dynamic between the GOP establishment and the new paradigm under the Make America Great Again movement:

“I’m going to get along great with Congress.  Paul Ryan, I don’t know him well, but I’m sure I’m going to get along great with him.  And if I don’t, he’s going to have to pay a big price.  OK?”

Politicians like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and party leader Reince Priebus created the monster that Donald Trump has become through their own arrogance.  Mitt Romney’s pitiful loss to Barack Obama in 2012 stoked the simmering disappointment before the impotent Republican majority elected in the 2014 midterms proved to be the LAST straw.  They never thought that the back room deals and maneuvering would be exposed with the sunlight that candidate Trump has directed squarely at the darkened recesses.  The establishment that has been running this country for at least the  past three decades were caught off guard when he entered the Presidential race and captured the imagination and  patriotism that this country has been starving for in a strong, nationalist leader.

The hubris of the Republican National Committee is evident considering the back room meetings they held in 2013 and 2014 to create a Road Map to nominate pre-selected candidate Jeb Bush.  As Mike Huckabee said today, if the RNC wanted a selection instead of an election, then they should have held a coronation because they have wasted everybody’s time and millions of dollars in the process.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, Tom Donohoe, the nucleus of globalist advancement.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, Tom Donohoe, the nucleus of globalist advancement.

Yet, the Tom Donohoe Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street interests continue to push their agenda despite the fact that many in the Republican party have read the public’s response correctly and are jumping on board by endorsing Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney is scheduled to stage a press conference tomorrow, before the Republican Presidential debate in Detroit, Michigan.  ‘Stage’ is the key word.  He will be issuing a warning to any and all members of the Republican party who have or are planning to endorse Donald Trump.  The arrogance and unMITTigated gall of the Establishment to continue their plan to steal the nomination from the overwhelming choice of the majority of not just Republican voters, but millions of cross overs from Independents and former Democrats is an example of the panic that the globalist cabal is now experiencing.

An article at Bloomberg today reveals the desperation on the part of the GOPe, who are now using Mitt Romney as their spokesman.  Notice that the article’s source emphasizes that Romney is not going to endorse any candidate (Roger Stone has breaking news about that here):

‘The rapidly intensifying effort by the Republican establishment to dislodge Donald Trump from the top of the party’s presidential nominating race will star 2012 nominee Mitt Romney, who is preparing a speech for Thursday when he’ll lay out his case against the front-runner.

With Trump’s convincing victories on Tuesday, the single biggest day of voting in the Republican race, Romney was motivated to make a more formal case against him in hopes of keeping him from coalescing more support, according to a Republican source familiar with Romney’s plans. Romney has voiced criticism for Trump in recent months, including his attack last week on the New York businessman’s refusal to release his tax returns. 

“Mitt doesn’t believe Donald Trump is the right person to lead the party,” the Republican said. “There are a number of mainstream Republicans falling in line with Trump, and he wants to speak up before more people go that route.”

While making the case against Trump, Romney is unlikely to endorse one of his opponents, the source said.’

There are two conservative groups who are spending millions on blistering ads against Trump, targeting Michigan and their primary on March 8.  They are also pouring money in to and focusing on Florida and Illinois – which have huge delegate counts in the race – and the winner take all contests on March 15.  The war against Donald Trump by Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce/GOPe forces is no holds barred and take no prisoners LAYING DOWN HATE to keep him from getting anywhere near the White House.

Donald Trump can't be bought.

Donald Trump can’t be bought.

Remember, Donald Trump is self funding his campaign. This has never been done before.  Mitt Romney said himself during a Las Vegas press conference for his failed Presidential run in 2012 that Trump has been “much more successful than I have” and highlighted many of the current issues that Romney credits Donald Trump with back in the 2012 presser.

If you feel any that there may be a time when you would consider stepping up and taking action to support a nationalist movement, to take part in saving our country from the New World Order globalists that have plagued this nation for thirty years, if you like the idea that one man has pledged to use his own hard earned money to try to make America great again, build a wall on our southern border, deport illegal immigrants, re-negotiate trade deals that have stolen tens of thousands of our factories and millions upon millions of good paying jobs, rebuild our military so that nobody, NOBODY messes with us ever again, please contact your local headquarters listed at DonaldJTrump.com and find out how to help.  Whether it’s speaking out on Facebook and Twitter, putting up a lawn sign or a bumper sticker on your car, or better yet sending a post card to Mr. Trump to let him know that you are on board to stop the stealing of our nation and make this country bigger and better than ever before.

As California Goes

No Diving california-water-140804

As California Goes, So Goes The Nation

If you want to see Liberal Uniparty policies in action, look at California


I live in California. I  have lived here my entire life.  Incredible as it may seem, we used to be a Republican stronghold.  Back in the 1960’s, we elected Ronald Reagan as our Governor and helped carry Richard Nixon in to White House.  Southern California was especially red back then.

Not anymore.

Last year, California enacted AB60, which states:

“Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States.”

From January 2015 to June 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles processed  1.1 million applicants who took the written test for a driver’s license under AB60, and nearly 400,000 licenses were issued in just the first six months of the new law. According to Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, an organization advocating for legal and limited immigration, this is a giant lure for more illegals to find their way here.  In a July 17, 2015 article for San Jose Mercury News he was quoted:

“”There are now 400,000 more signals to people all over the world that working illegally in California is encouraged by the government itself,” he said.”

As for the documentation required to establish identity for the illegal immigrants?  The flimsiest of identification will do, as in a note from a priest or homeless shelter is plenty.

Papers?  We  don’t need no stinkin’ papers!  Granted, the Driver’s Licenses issued under AB60 are marked a little differently, and they cannot be used to satisfy federal requirements needed to board a plane.  But hey, it’s a start!

Democrats are masters at inching their way toward their goals.  Get a foot in the door and in five or ten years,  quietly pass a law that allows full access, rights and most of all benefits.

The Liberal Democrats in California are big on providing benefits to people who shouldn’t be here.  California spends over $25 BILLION per year on benefits to illegal immigrants.

Twenty Five Billion Dollars.

And half of that is spent just educating illegal immigrant children.

I have neighbors who are hispanic.  Fine people, keep to themselves, maintain their house very well.  But over the last ten years, many, many families have stayed with them, temporarily.  The children attend our elementary school that’s around the corner.  The parents come and go during the day, decrepit cars with Mexican license plates come and go.  Then a few weeks later, poof. They’re gone.  I lost count of how many times this has happened.  I don’t know who these families are, but I have my suspicions.  Yet it’s all perfectly legal.  As long as somebody has a ‘cousin’ or ‘uncle’ who lives in the United States, they’re golden.  Come on in, no need to jump a wall, just visit uncle Carlos and turn it in to a new American address.  You are welcome!

If you want to see how illegal immigration, teacher’s unions and the Liberal Democrats have fared in Californian schools, go sit in on a Southern California public high school class room.  I’m sure there are many fine career teachers who are as dedicated today as they were when they started, but I have noticed younger teachers gravitating towards charter or online schools and it may very well be because discipline is a thing of the past.

In 2013, California adopted Common Core, which has been an absolute disaster for our children.  Every student I know is struggling, even brilliant kids who are on track to attend top tier universities can’t make heads or tails of the Common Core curriculum.  Here is a sample of the first year standard testing results in the Los Angeles Unified School District:

LA Common Core scores 111354-eight

No wonder I couldn’t find a better graphic to use!  Who would want to admit that only 23% of economically disadvantaged students tested at/above English and math!  Who benefits from Common Core curriculum?  Because it sure isn’t students. Once again, Democrats have cheated economically disadvantaged children whom they are supposedly championing, all for the federal funding and centralized control.

 Part II As California Goes The Nation


CA Budget Summary capitol

In a previous post, I talked about the costs of illegal immigration and the failure of Common Core in California.  The fact is that we spend $25 Billion a year on people who are not supposed to be here.  Liberal Democrats have created a mess with tax and spend policies that are, to use one of their favorite terms, unsustainable.

California needs money, although if you listen to the media, Governor Jerry Brown is doing a great job.  The Los Angeles Times boldly stated in their June 10, 2015 article ‘California Is Flush With Cash. So Why The Warnings To Prepare For Recession?’ that there may be trouble down the road (after he leaves office – how convenient):

“Even as California’s leaders prepare a new state budget that is flush with cash, Gov. Jerry Brown has increasingly raised the specter of another recession that could undo years of hard-won financial progress.

(Governor) Brown has said overhauling the tax code — expanding the sales tax to some services or reducing reliance on the wealthy — may not be politically possible in Democrat-ruled California, because it would increase levies on the less wealthy.”

Not so fast.  In 2014, California’s hidden debt was $111 Billion.  That little tidbit was omitted from the LA Times report.  The hidden costs of pensions and retiree health care are part of the picture that is swept under the carpet in favor of flashy, phony surpluses that would make the cost cutting governor look more like a sleight-of-hand artist.

In a typical Democrat controlled Socialist utopia like California, the philosophy is a simple, Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton template.  Again, from the LA Times article:

“The state pulls about half of its income tax revenue from the top 1% of residents, whose incomes ebb and flow with the unpredictable stock market. Even mild economic ripples can cause big waves in Sacramento.

It’s a thorny political problem for the governor, who began his final term in office in January and has been widely credited with steering the state out of a series of damaging budget crises.

He faces constant pressure from activists and fellow Democrats to increase spending on such programs as state-subsidized child care, but he does not want to add a lot of permanent expenses that may not be sustainable.

The governor has offered some new assistance, such as a tax credit for poor families. But he is trying to beat back other requests, such as higher pay for doctors who participate in the public healthcare program.”

There you have it.  The future of America under Hillary Clinton.  And to be honest, if the GOPe  nominates their choice, Hillary Clinton will be elected.  But I digress.

According to accountant Sheila Weinberg, who heads the organization Truth In Accounting (TIA), this sleight-of-hand financial reporting is the type that corporations aren’t even supposed to use.  In an interview with Watchdog Arena, she states:

“If figures are hidden, officials are able to use a “cash in, cash out” approach to the state accounting, a type of practice often criticized when employed by a corporation. Without more information on how much the state actually owes, the public is left with the impression that things are not as bad as they seem.

Calif Debt chart-8-600x350

So while California claims to have cut spending from 2013 to 2014 by $6.6 billion, the real story is kicked to the curb.

“A lot of times, when government costs more than what taxpayers are paying, [government officials] just continue to increase and [leave] the bill to future taxpayers instead of really balancing the budget.””

Part III Water, Corruption And Environmentalist Crazies


Previous posts exposed the absolute tyranny of Democrat Liberalism in California in unfettered illegal immigration, Common Core chaos and Governor Jerry Brown’s sleight of hand hiding $111 Billion state deficit.

Those aspects of California’s trouble is child’s play compared to the state’s water shortage and why there isn’t any.

Nowhere is the lack of foresight and funding more evident than in California’s water crisis.  Hollywood movies have been made about our water situation.  For decades and decades, this state has been unable to fix the water problem.

The California River Delta is the epicenter of the fight between environmentalists, climate change advocates, Liberal Left ideologues and the farmers and people of California.  That one sentence encapsulates the entire dynamic of the stagnation and foot dragging being done to avoid resolving our water needs.

Everyone has heard about the smelt fish.  In the late 2000’s, the water pumps working the Delta dams and aqueducts were ordered shut down because the environmental group, National Resources Defense Council, filed a federal law suit claiming that the pumps were  killing off the lowly little smelt fish, an animal listed on the Endangered Species list.

Farmers were no longer able to irrigate their crops and many filed for bankruptcy.  Families who had farmed for generations lost almost everything.  California as the nations’ breadbasket was endangered.  The environmentalists want to eliminate Central Valley farming because it is “not indigenous to the region.”  Could it also be that the Liberal Left wants to make this country completely and totally dependent on importing food from other countries?  Food is now being imported from who knows where in the world because food suppliers are no longer required to list country of origin information on labeling.  Curious and curiouser.

California relies on the few dams and reservoirs that were last built in the 1960’s.  Think about that for a moment.  The last time any money was spent on reservoirs was when Reagan was governor.  We are unable to build and renovate existing waterways because of environmentalists and corrupt politicians who continually kick the can down the road for the next guy to solve.  If the Delta suffered a moderately destructive earthquake, it would be a statewide disaster of epic proportions.  The aging structures would crumble.  Current estimates (2009) to put in modern water infrastructure is $40 Billion.  Currently, the state has scaled back an $8 Billion plan by the federal and state governments to restore the delta wildlife and will now spend only $300 Million.  Agricultural interests are uncertain as to whether they will invest $15 Billion to construct delta tunnels to protect water supplies without a  50 year guarantee from state and federal agencies.

The heartbreaking reality of the tyranny of the Liberal Left is evidenced in a January 21, 2016 article in the San Jose Mercury News, ‘California Farmers Brace For Water Shortage Despite El Nino’ which describes the human impact of corrupt water policies:

“On a recent stormy night, (Shawn) Coburn was up at 3 a.m. watching satellite images of clouds moving over California. He exchanged text messages with another farmer on the other side of the valley, alerting each other when raindrops started falling.

But Coburn relies in part on federal water supplies, and he said officials have repeatedly warned farmers like him that they should expect no irrigation water. He may leave his tomato fields unplanted this year, saving his limited water to keep his trees alive.

“We may never recover,” said Coburn, who also blames environmental regulations designed to protect endangered fish for depriving farmers of water. “This may be the long death spiral.”

Lester Snow, executive director of the California Water Foundation, said the drought has exposed a weakness in the state’s water management system built 60 or more years ago.

The amount of land farmers now cultivate and the number of people living in the state have both dramatically increased since state and federal officials built California’s massive water system.

Yet Snow said the state hasn’t adequately invested in modernizing it, such as finding ways to capture storm water runoff, recycle water, store and recharge depleted groundwater.”

Sunset Delta 23Day1Delta01bw-1024x682

As California goes, so goes the nation under Liberal Left wing policies.

After watching our Republican majority in the Senate and House make absolutely NO difference in the policies and funding coming out of Washington DC,  the candidates running for President are all the same.  Nothing will change under Clinton, Rubio, Cruz and especially Mitt Romney who is waiting in the wings to steal the nomination for the Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce establishment GOP.

There is a movement going on in America, a movement to take back this country from the global cabal that every candidate for every office in the land has been beholden to for the last three decades.  This is the second American Revolution 2016.  Hopefully,  we can circumvent the elitists of the RNC/DNC uniparty to bring back our factories and food producers, bring back our jobs and our money sitting in overseas banks due to overly burdensome tax rates, re-establish our sovereignty by building a wall on our southern border and ridding ourselves of the ruinous financial burden of illegal immigrants and sham worker visa’s that corporate fat cat’s use to take jobs away from American workers.

 We need a nationalist, a President who puts America First in all ways.  A vote for any other candidate will give us four to eight years of Hillary Clinton.  The ‘Conservative’ media has already vowed to give Hillary the White House if they don’t get their preferred candidate nominated.  Why not?  They’ve been perfectly happy with Obama in office.  Why do you think nothing changed when we gave Republicans the majority in Congress?

Maybe if we get a true America First candidate elected as President, that $25 Billion spent on illegal immigrants here in California can go towards rebuilding our dam aqueducts.

I’ll drink to that!




A Die Hard Ted Cruz Fan…

And What I Learned From Grassroots Patriot Journalists


ted cruz large

One of the first Tweet’s that I ever posted was a picture of Thomas Jefferson, with the quote, “Ted Cruz: ‘One man with courage is a majority.'”  It was December 16, 2014, in the middle of the budget fight in the Senate while Ted Cruz was leading the charge against funding President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration.

“Sen. Ted Cruz is playing de facto House conservatives leader once again,” read an article in The Atlantic, talking about Cruz enlisting Conservatives in the House of Representatives.  Then Speaker of the House, John Boehner, wanted to pass something, anything to keep the Federal government open, while other GOP leaders claimed that this was ‘not the right time’ to battle Democrats because we did not yet have a majority in the Senate.

This was not the first time that Ted Cruz stood up against almost insurmountable odds to do the right thing.  For us!   That impressed every Conservative I know.  He’s the only one who fought for us with his September 2013 filibuster to defund Obamacare, which later resulted in a government shut down that President Obama used to ridicule Republicans.

Then, in June 2015, Ted Cruz made the ultimate, career ending move to stand up against the DC cartel.  He stood on the floor of the Senate and told millions of us that Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell had lied to him to get his vote on the Trans Pacific Trade Deal.  I Tweeted and ReTweeted that speech many times.  I was proud to support someone who so boldly put OUR interests before his own.  What a great patriot!

Ted Cruz’ speeches were unusual in that he never used teleprompters or scripts, he just spoke from the heart.  Maybe he was a little stiff, but not everybody is a born extrovert.  His stated platform when announcing his candidacy for President in March 2015 was pretty much on the mark with things that concerned me:  tax cuts to encourage business to return and expand,  religious liberty to stem the tide against Christians like me who don’t want to be forced to pay for abortions or any other benefit supporting the Liberal Left’s debauchery of our culture, and to rebuild our proud military and help our veterans.

To me and hundreds of thousands of other Republican Conservatives, Ted Cruz is a rock star.  He is the man who has walked the walk and not just talked the talk.  Refreshing in a sea of slick, greedy politicians who easily say what the polls tell them to say then go back to DC and slide back under a rock and do as they are told by the Wall Street elite.

What could go wrong?

When Donald Trump announced he was running for President, I was intrigued.  I thought, “here’s a man who has the greatest life in the world, everything he touches turns to gold and that is definitely something that we could use to get this country back on track.  Why in the world would he actually want to down grade his lifestyle by running for President?”

Honestly,  I was most impressed with the fact that, in June of 2015, NO ONE was talking about the issues brought forward in Ann Coulter’s book ‘Adios, America’ except Donald Trump.  He said what all of us, especially those of us who live in California, already realized.  Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent on illegal immigrants by our state and federal governments every year and I don’t know of one person who agrees with that.  Yet the only candidate who set forth his primary goal as a wall and deporting illegals was Trump.  Why was that?

Once the heat died down from the main stream media’s meltdown, every candidate came up with their version of ‘immigration reform.’  Some, like Jeb Bush, were content to do the very least reforming.  Well, we all knew that Jeb was the one that The Establishment wanted and most voters were tired of the Bush clan anyway.  No matter how much money Jeb accumulated, he was never going to be the voters choice.  That was how we got Mitt Romney in 2012.  No, we wanted an outsider, someone who would fight the good fight for us.

Being on Twitter has many advantages because the grass roots Conservatives get the message out to those who want to listen.  I kept hearing about a site called Conservative Treehouse, and the postings there  were always thought provoking.  Lame Cherry was another blog I started frequenting, always thought provoking.  Many more grass roots blogs, podcasts and news outlets like News Ninja/Wayne Dupree and yes, even Alex Jones/InfoWars started piquing my interest in alternative information sources.  The mainstream news, especially Fox News, were so obviously biased in pushing Jeb Bush and later Marco Rubio that I was hungry for the unvarnished truth.

Truth has no agenda, right?  Where it leads is where it goes.

I found out how little I know about the political process.  Very few people like me do.  It’s intended to be that way.

Let that sit for a moment.  We are not intended to know how the political process works so that very little sunshine falls on the insider deals and machinations in Washington DC.  That’s the first thing I realized.

Ted Cruz, defeated and outcast in October 2013, went before Mitch McConnell and asked for redemption. It was just after the media and his colleagues pummeled him for the government shutdown, and Ted didn’t want to spend the rest of his term as a pariah.  Who would?  McConnell put him on the National Republican Senatorial Committee as Vice Co-Chair in charge of Grassroots Outreach beginning in January 2014.


I did not know that.  How is that possible?

The NRSC funded the 500 page opposition research on Matt Bevin,  the Tea Party challenger in the Kentucky Senate Primary race where McConnell crushed Bevin with tales of  his support for corporate bail outs and re-branding him “Bailout Bevin.”  It was masterful and McConnell and the $21 million DC funded campaign swatted the Tea Party candidate like a bug.

The NRSC, co-chaired by Sen. Ted Cruz, funded opposition to a fellow Tea Party candidate?  I did not know that.  How is it possible that Sen. Cruz helped McConnell, the epitome of  the DC cartel, crush the same Tea Party that carried him in to office?


The Tea Party candidate to replace the Republican Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran was a trial attorney and State Senator named Chris McDaniel.  The National Chamber of Commerce, headed by Tom Donohue, were adamantly opposed to the Tea Party candidate and funded ads with Bret Farve, a Mississippi icon, to plead Cochran’s case to keep federal funding of education coming to the state.  Who could argue with Brett Farve?

Unfortunately, nothing was going to be left to chance simply based on Farve’s popularity in the state.  NRSC rides to the aid, pouring money in to robo calls charging Chris McDaniel with racism.

nrsc-2 MS campaign phone calls

I did not know anything about that until I read the research done by a grass roots website.  How would I have known?  All I knew was that Tea Party candidates like the one’s that emerged in 2010 and 2012 weren’t doing as well in 2014 mid term primaries.


I was wondering why the same Tea Party candidates who did win in 2012 weren’t helping their 2014 counterparts on the campaign trail.  Here’s an excerpt from Hannity’s show following the January 2014 State of the Union address:

hannity ted-cruz-and-rand-paul

Hannity:  “Last question.  Will both of you campaign, even against sitting Senators, if you think a better candidate is running?”  Rand Paul:  “I’m gonna stay our of races with incumbents.”  Ted Cruz:  “And I likely am gonna do the same.”

Why wouldn’t they help fellow Tea Party candidates campaign against the DC cartel?

Senator Cruz said the reason he gave up support for Trans-Pacific Trade deal was because McConnell lied to him.  He said so on the floor of the Senate!

However, that particular claim doesn’t make any sense considering that Senator Cruz himself authored Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) along with Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI).

On May 30, 2015 at a WRKO Town Hall, Senator Cruz supported TPA in a five minute long response as to why we can trust the language in it and the transparency that we soon found out was no transparency at all.

Mitch McConnell promised several democrats in the senate he would include re-authorization of the Import/Export bank (December 2015 Omnibus) in exchange for support on the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal (June ’15).

This is the lie that Senator Cruz speaks of when he justifies changing his TPP vote at the last minute from Yea, to Nay.  In his June 23, 2015 opinion piece on Breitbart, Senator Cruz states:

” Enough is enough. I cannot vote for TPA unless McConnell and Boehner both commit publicly to allow the Ex-Im Bank to expire—and stay expired. And, Congress must also pass the Cruz-Sessions amendments to TPA to ensure that no trade agreement can try to back-door changes to our immigration laws. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to vote no.”


But at this point, Senator Cruz’ vote was no longer needed.  The TPA and TPP were already a done deal.  Cruz could keep his Consistent Conservative label and orchestrate a public stunt that would have no effect on the outcome.  Smooth.

Did you know that on June 4, 2015, the Senate passed the House bill HR2146 (which was passed by a change in the rules, only 2/3 majority needed: 407 – 5) and was adopted by the Senators by unanimous consent without the need of a roll call vote?  No roll call.

No sunlight.

During the Summer and Fall of 2014, and worried about his credentials as a Consistent Conservative, Senator Cruz begins his campaign to re-establish himself as the candidate who walks the walk. He started by going down to McAllen, TX with Glenn Beck in July 2014 to hand out Teddy Bears and soccer balls to illegal immigrant children.  Beck was loudly complaining on his radio show that the media was purposely ignoring not only his compassionate outreach but more importantly denying Senator Cruz the coverage of his work to help the needy children who were forced to migrate to the beneficence of America:

“Why is nobody covering this?” Beck asked on his radio program Friday (July 2014). “This came out yesterday. This is a big deal. Why is no one covering that Ted Cruz is going down to the border for a relief program?”

For whatever Glenn Beck used to be, he is simply and calculatedly using his perch to get on board the illegal immigrant gravy train.  And Ted Cruz came along for the ride to cement his humanitarian bona fides.

Then in September 2014,  proclaiming to a group of middle eastern Christians that, “Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” Senator Cruz was booed off of the stage.  American Christians and Conservative Jews, like Mark Levin were impressed by this public demonstration of unity with Israel.  It was well known that the crowd and most of the speakers that night were Hezbollah and Syrian regime supporters.  The response was not only expected by Senator Cruz, but welcomed for the distraction from the fact that he was not supporting Tea Party candidates in the 2014 mid terms, but more importantly, his NRSC funding of opposition to those candidates.

Sunlight that most Conservatives don’t have the time or inclination to research and discover for themselves.  DC politicians count on it.  What Ted Cruz was up to behind closed doors was intentionally kept on the down low, to create and promote the look and feel of a Consistent Conservative, fighting the good fight against all odds.

From The Conservative Treehouse:

“This was ultimately evident in: ♦ Comprehensive Immigration reform and amnesty, The Gang of Eight Bill that did pass the Senate ♦ The Iran Deal (Corker-Cardin Amendment) he supported, and later in ♦ The TPA construct, which became votes, to insure TPP passage on behalf of the original team he pledged support to in 2013.

In each case candidate Cruz now attempts to distance his own culpability and ownership within it. However, he is only able to distract people (“GASLIGHTING”) to the extent that voters were not engaged in following the day-by-day scheme(s) as they unfolded.

In essence, Cruz is able to fool people in 2015 using the same approach he used in 2012 to get elected. To insure that deception he adds an element of cult-like affiliation via religion and now various psychological targeting.”

The masterful stroke of Senator Cruz’ story in 2012, about how he told his wife, Heidi, that he wanted to cash in her retirement, liquidate their net worth, to put it all on the line to make a last ditch effort to get elected to the Senate was pure fund raising gold.  Unfortunately, thanks to his FEC filings, we now know that no such thing occurred.  He got two low interest ‘sweetheart’ loans from Goldman-Sachs and Citi Bank.  He filed the disclosure with the FEC, all right.  He just didn’t tell the voters in Texas.  It would have made him look like he was owned by donors, not the Tea Party independent voice he made himself out to be.

Again, from The Conservative Treehouse:

  • 2012 Heidi Cruz joined Council on Foreign Relations to change it.
  • 2013 Cruz joined National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee to change it.
  • 2012 Cruz: I am the only candidate to stand up to….
  • 2015 Cruz: I am the only candidate who has stood up to…..

Always avoiding the natural follow-up, “but what have you accomplished”?

Accomplishments including:

  • Joined forces with Mitch McConnell in October 2013
  • Would not campaign for conservative challengers in 2013/2014
  • Gave $200,000 from his Leadership PAC to the NRSC
  • Advocated for 500,000 additional H1-B immigrant visas
  • Ran to the Border with Glenn Beck for Illegal Aliens, Soccer Balls and Teddy Bears
  • Supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform (along with Senator Rubio)
  • Voted to support the Iran Deal – To Include Corker/Cardin Amendment (only Senator Tom Cotton voted against)
  • Voted to support TPA – The gateway to Trans Pacific Trade Deal

“The Most Consistent Conservative”? Merely a ridiculous psy-ops talking point.

Wow. Blazing sunlight.

The GOP establishment devised a plan in 2013/2014 to elect Jeb Bush President.  The Republican National Committee created a labyrinthine scheme to thwart an insurgent candidate like Ted Cruz.  You can disregard everything  that I’ve posted above, but you cannot disregard this fact.  The GOP Roadmap is the RNC/Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce powers combining to defeat anyone but the Chosen One.  It was Jeb Bush, and though the money is now supporting Marco Rubio, if he can’t even win Florida, the RNC will broker at the GOP Convention this summer to nominate Mitt Romney.  I urge you to visit The Conservative Treehouse and read about the GOPe Splitter Strategy (why in the world did we have 17 candidates running?  Answer: Splitter Strategy.) and the GOP Road Map to nominate the Chosen One.

Whatever your disdain of Donald Trump, think of it this way:  We’re never going to get 100% of what we want.  That’s just life.  But if President Trump does just two or three of the things he proposes, like a border wall, deporting illegal immigrants, fair trade deals and rebuilding the military, it will go a long way in dismantling the horror of eight years of the Obama Administration.

I was a die hard Ted Cruz fan until I could no longer deny that, in the light of day, he was just another ambitious politician with designs on the White House.  He used my faith and my values to co-opt a cultivated Consistent Conservative sham and I am angry at him.  You bet I am.

Grateful acknowledgement to The Conservative Treehouse for permission to use their material for this post.









Enough with the endless abortion euphemisms

From Karen Writes Here:


I thought “reproductive choice” meant choosing whether or not to conceive, not whether or not to destroy a child already conceived.

I thought “reproductive health” meant fixing faulty reproductive systems and ensuring healthy pregnancies, not puncturing uteruses and the skulls of perfectly healthy unborn babies.

And how I wish “feminism” meant fighting for equal rights, not for special exemptions from fetal homicide laws. (Existing fetal homicidal laws make a man guilty of manslaughter if he kills the baby in a mother’s womb, except in the case of abortion.)


“We hear that abortion is fundamentally about a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. Or abortion is a litmus test for judicial nominees. Or abortion is symptomatic of what’s wrong with the social discourse in America. But none of those things is what abortion really is. Abortion is the intentional killing of unborn children.”

–Jon Bloom in Relentlessly Call Abortion What It Really…

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Ann Coulter: Heroin – Blame It On America

From Breitbart:

Any politician who claims to care about the drug overdose deaths sweeping the nation, but does not demand that we build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam, is a liar.

In 2014, more people died from drug overdoses than any year in U.S. history: 47,055. That’s more than die in car accidents — and it’s not even close.

This is a huge, horrible problem — and it’s a problem caused entirely by the fact that Mexico is on our southern border.

The diverse, hardworking people of Mexico manufacture the majority of heroin in the U.S. and import “nearly all” of it, according to a 2014 Washington Post report.

The media and political class respond to this fact by asking themselves: How do we blame this on Americans — preferably white males?

Even as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the head of Mexico’s largest drug cartel, is all over the news boasting, “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world” (The New York Times, Jan. 10, 2016), we’re informed, Hey, don’t blame Mexicans! It’s America’s appetite for drugs that’s driving the narcotics trade!

Mexicans aren’t at fault for dumping these poisons on our country because … it’s the 14-year-old American kid’s fault for getting addicted! Hucksters of cigarettes, subprime mortgages and fake weight loss pills should try that argument. We’re just selling what Americans are buying!

About the time President Bush threw open our southern border — followed by Obama rolling out the welcome mat for illegal aliens — Mexico aggressively moved into the heroin business. In 2007, U.S. authorities seized 367 kilos of heroin on the Mexican border. In 2013, authorities seized 2,162 kilos. During that same time period, heroin use nearly doubled in the U.S.

As a result, in the last decade, half a million Americans have died from drug overdoses, mostly heroin and other opiates. That’s ten times more than the number of Americans who died fighting the entire Vietnam War.

Mexico is pumping drugs into our country, but to blame Mexicans would be “xenophobic.” They’re poor and brown! We can’t blame the Mexican drug cartels, and we certainly can’t blame the corrupt Mexican government that is paid off by the cartels.

Instead, pandering politicians give fiery speeches about drug addiction being a “disease.” However that may be, drug addiction is the only disease that you absolutely can’t catch if you never take drugs. (I also don’t see anyone getting rich by giving people the measles or pneumonia.)

As Donald Trump has said, the best way to avoid becoming addicted to drugs is never to start.

It’s harder to stay away from drugs when Mexico is flooding the country with them. But no politician — except Trump — would dare suggest that we keep the drugs out.

Carly Fiorina talks about how she “buried a child to drug addiction,” on her way to saying “the war on drugs has failed.” Her main objective is to ensure that “families that are suffering through this know that they should not feel ashamed or stigmatized.”

How about not making them suffer through the hell of a drug-addicted child in the first place by keeping drugs out of the country?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)


thinks we need government programs to “teach students skills to avoid gangs, violence and drugs.”Yes, it’s American kids’ fault. While we’re teaching them about drugs, how about a government program to teach people skills to not to give all their money to scammers like Bernie Madoff, instead of criminally prosecuting scam investment firms?

Chris Christie gives passionate speeches about drug addiction being a “disease” that “can happen to anyone,” before demanding that we “start treating people in this country, not jailing them.”

Why is the only choice: a) Blame the addict or b) Don’t blame the addict? How about option c) Blame the drug dealers? Oh I remember! We can’t blame the drug dealers because diversity is a strength!

Not one Republican presidential candidate, other than Trump, has any intention of going after the Mexican drug cartels operating freely in our country. Absolutely none but Trump would consider building a wall on our border. Only Trump has denounced the anchor baby racket. Did I mention that El Chapo’s kids are American anchor babies?

Instead, the other candidates twist and turn to find some way to blame Americans for the fact that the country is drowning in drugs — brought in by innocent Mexicans.

The New York Times’ response to the heroin epidemic is to express smug satisfaction that white Americans suddenly care about drug addicts now that their kids are the addicts.

I’m sorry, but with 50,000 Americans dying every year from drug overdoses, could you put away your “racism” hobbyhorse for five minutes, New York Times? It’s stupid, it’s not helpful, and it’s not true.

The recent surge in heroin overdoses is hitting black and white Americans about equally. According to the CDC, heroin overdose deaths from 2013 to 2014 (the most recent years available) increased by 8 percent for non-Hispanic whites, and increased 8.2 percent for non-Hispanic blacks.

Curiously, heroin deaths of Hispanics increased by 0.0 percent. They aren’t the users; they’re the pushers.

But don’t play the old “blame the perpetrator” game! That would be nativist.

Hillary proposes that the federal government spend more money — a billion dollars a year — to fight drug addiction. Unless that billion is spent on building a wall, her policy prescription is nothing but a government-worker full-employment plan.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


gets chesty about “the pharmaceutical industry and the drug companies who are producing all of these drugs and not looking at the consequence of it.”If only we could see a little of that righteous anger directed toward the overwhelming source of illegal drugs in the U.S.: Mexico.

It’s true that overdose by prescription drugs is the leading cause of overdose deaths, but that’s a trick: The CDC classifies all opioid pain reliever deaths as “prescription” opioid overdoses — whether or not an actual doctor or “prescription” was involved. Guess who’s moved into the “prescription” drug business in a big way? That would be Mexico.

But instead of blaming grimy, soulless criminals like El Chapo, who brags about his “fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats” — bought with drug money — let’s blame American pharmaceutical companies doing God’s work by trying to ease the pain of dying cancer patients.

The CEOs of pharmaceutical companies are mostly Americans — probably white men! — so they’re safe to hate.

Only Donald Trump has made the inarguable point that the most effective way to avoid catching this particular disease is never to start taking drugs. Only Trump would make it a lot harder to start by building a wall and sending Mexican drug dealers and anchor babies home. Only Trump doesn’t blame America first.


When Is Enough, Enough?


‘Ahh, come on.  It’s just politics!  Move on, already.  Sheesh, it’s only Iowa.’

From Sarah Palin’s Facebook post today:

Dirty Politics: Witnessing Firsthand It’s Always Heartbreaking, Never Surprising

Thank heavens Donald Trump opened so many eyes to the lies, corruption and total lack of accountability that come so naturally to the permanent political class. And Sen. Ted Cruz was spot on when he once noted that “millions of Americans are asking for accountability and truth.” Which is why it’s so curious – and saddens us – this lack of accountability with the lies of Cruz’s own campaign.

Cruz’s campaign chairman, U.S. Representative Steve King, is lying, and good for Dr. Ben Carson for calling this out. King, who’s previously asked for and received my endorsement, time and resources to support his own election, is still lying about my altruistic support of Mr. Trump, and he’s refused to provide any evidence to the contrary. And, this U.S. Congressman actually lied to his own constituents on behalf of Cruz, regarding a good man, Dr. Carson. He told voters Carson was dropping out of the Presidential race immediately before the Iowa caucus, causing a relative uproar inside the process, so the word would spread and he could rack up more votes for his candidate, Cruz. That’s a dirty trick. Dr. Carson deserved better. The voters deserved better!

Where is the accountability for these political actions? Very sad; typical Washington tactics. THIS is why “the status quo has got to go.”

Our friend Dr. Carson put it so well:

“As Christians, of course we accept people’s apologies, we also have to ask ourselves is this acceptable to us, the American people, or should there be some accountability? There should be some consequences for things. You don’t just say ‘oh, okay, sorry… okay let’s move on.’ The damage was done to me, it wasn’t done to them.”

We’ve had eight years of a reckless President, accountable to no one, pushing this country to the brink. Why would we ever take a risk repeating that? We are never going to turn this country around if we keep electing “more of the same.” Just like conservatives have been preaching in opposition to Obama’s political tactics for years: actions speak louder than words.

The Cruz Campaign’s actions to destroy a good man’s efforts to serve are no different than Obama’s practice of not holding anyone accountable. Typical politics. Typical politicians.
Here’s background:

Ben Carson: Cruz’s Apology Needs Accountability: http://www.foxbusiness.com/…/ben-carson-cruzs-apology-needs…

Steve King Refuses to Answer CNN’s Jake Tapper If He Has Any Evidence Trump Bought Palin’s Support: http://www.cnn.com/…/…/02/02/lead-king-on-trump-and-cruz.cnn

Realities Of My Father

Reblogged with permission

Chrystalia99 February 1, 2016 Conservative Tree House:

This may sound strange–but it feels like Viet Nam. 1972, Nixon/Mc Govern. My election memory is atypical. But it is the essence of my need to fight. So it is important, here.

All of us have reasons to fight, and this is mine.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and MLK and RFK were still open wounds, I was allowed to watch very little TV– only 2 hours a week of “fun” TV, other than that I could watch 2 documentaries or art events on PBS, and the news. Additional TV time could be rented–10 cents for an hour of educational stuff–or 1.00 an hour for “fun”. Needless to say, I stuck to reading.

My father often told WW2 stories, or watched war documentaries. And Walter Cronkite lived in our living room in the morning, Harry Reasoner at 6 p.m., David Brinkley at bedtime. And for several years, even after I went straight from kindergarten to 2nd grade, I genuinely didn’t realize that the war I saw on TV was REAL and not some documentary. I was reading Nancy drew books, and in second grade at 5 years old, and I really didn’t connect what I read in the paper and saw on the news with a WAR. How odd is that?

From the earliest age, my father and my grandmother always took me with them on 2 trips to do IMPORTANT THINGS. One to the IRS, where we stood in line for hours on April 14th, and my father paid with cash–and one on VOTING DAY.

i grew up from the time I could read being told that my uncle Ben had died at Casino, so I could vote–and that because I was a girl and might get foolish, I MUST ALWAYS CHOOSE WISELY. That was my grandmother, BTW, NOT my father.

And that in order for soldiers like my Uncle Ben, my uncle Bob, and my father to have uniforms, and guns, and bullets we had to pay our taxes, honestly. because every dollar a cheat stole from the IRS, stole 5 bullets from a soldier.

And when the election season came, the TV was on ALL the time, leading up to THE DAY. when election material arrived, my father discussed every single proposed law or bond. We read all the Boston news, and the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal–no doctor seuss once I got in school.

And my father would yell at the TV during debates, while I held the rabbit ears just right. He would swear at the paper, and all through the spring of 1972, he swore up down and sideways that that pusillanimous PISSANT, the pickle nosed PORKER, was killing good boys. And I still didn’t GET IT.

And he’d vote Mc Govern. That was it. He WOULD DO IT, HE’D VOTE MC GOVERN. And I still didn’t get it, until one warm early summer day. We were coming down the steps of Copley Library, and I saw a REAL SOLDIER.
He was in a wheel chair.

And he had no legs.

I was confused–how do you fight without legs? And there was a group of ‘FILTHY LONG HAIRED HIPPIE COMMIES” Waving signs.

And this really pretty girl, in such a pretty dress, walked up to that soldier, smiling–then she spit in his face.

She called him a baby killer. And he was my son’s age, now, probably 25, and he looked like an old man.

Well my father–who in that long ago year was 47 years old— decked that laughing girl, a full on right to the jaw. And when her friends tried to jump him, some other passers by got involved, then a mounted policeman showed up–and when he heard what had happened, he called the paddy wagon and held them at gunpoint until it arrived, with my father and other older men standing guard, and the wagon hauled the hippies off, screaming.

And I still remember my father kneeling in front of that sobbing kid, wiping his face and telling him to man up, that once we got Mc Govern in office, we could save what was left of America.

And when the whole thing was over, my father grabbed my hand, and he brought me to that soldier. And he asked if I could feel his stumps, and he said yes. My father took my hands, and placed them on those stumps–and he said that the country was dying around us, when any American would spit on a soldier who was just doing his DUTY.


And when election day came, we were shivering in the cold, pre-dawn, before my father went to work, and for the first time in his life, he voted DEMOCRAT.

Because he believed Nixon was destroying our nation, was a crook, was unconstitutional, and was murdering good boys. That Nixon was running us into debt, and we’d never again be free. That Nixon was running congress around, and acting like a king….

He knew Mc Govern was not much better, if at all. He knew that the Democrats would walk away from their word to the Vietnamese, and he knew boys would keep dying in stinking shitholes.

But he told me, three years later when I watched those choppers rising off the embassy roof and cried, THAT WE STILL NEEDED TO VOTE. And never take our eyes off those damned kleptocrats (yes, that’s where I got the word) for one minute–because a day would come when we’d only have one chance left, and I had to train myself for that day–sharpen my mind, keep myself informed, learn every skill I could.

And when we had gotten home that day, the day my childhood essentially ended, he made me sit down and write what he had said to me in front of that soldier. 100 times.

He told me about how his father had taken him to the veterans home one day when he was about my age, and showed him his buddies from WW1–and my father had looked on those shattered men and had touched them and had learned the same thing he taught me–with one addition.

That His didn’t end with serving on juries–his ended with AND WHEN YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, YOU WILL SERVE.

I still have a piece of paper in my memory box. It’s old, and yellowed, and the pencil marks are faded, but I don’t need it. Those words are etched on my mind, and in my heart.

The last time he voted was when he was here in Tucson, at the VA hospice, and election day, a “lousy second rate actor” was running–a goofy looking guy named REAGAN. And he weighed probably 90 pounds, the cancer had eaten right through him, but he threw a fit and said he wasn’t doing any mail in–he was going to the polls.

He was deeply suspicious of mail in, always said only soldiers overseas should get them. All summer running up to THE DAY, he was trying to stay awake, croaking at the TV, swearing he’d vote DEMOCRAT before he voted for that second rate actor.

And I took him to the polls one last time, to vote for the second rate actor 🙂. Because Reagan grew on him.

And every day the last 6 months of his life, I took my boys, 5 and 6, to the hospice, and he talked to them. Told them his stories, over and over. Assigned reading to them, told them it was every man’s duty to serve, and serve honorably. AND TO VOTE. VOTE AS IF EVERY ELECTION WAS THE LAST ONE.

Not long before he died, he took my sons around the hospice unit, and into the main hospital, and introduced them to the friends he had made. And he taught them what his father had taught him, and made them write it down 100 times. And he banished me to the patio for a half hour or so every day, so he could talk “between men” with my sons.

I don’t know to this day what he taught them–it was between men. Yes, that sounds horribly old fashioned–but I am. I grew up in a family of old fashioned men, and strong, intelligent, old fashioned women. But I do know this. Both of them always save at least 10% of their pay. Both of them studied hard, treat women with courtesy and respect. Both of them enlisted in the Army as soon as they were old enough–And both of them vote. In every election. And pay their taxes. And report for Jury duty.

So that is my election memory–my hands on those stumps, knowing that my view of the world would never be the same again. That there was a fundamental difference between me and other children, beyond my intellect.

Knowing that if I EVER compromised my vote, if I EVER skipped voting, if I EVER failed to educate myself on my choices of kleptocrat, it would be the same as spitting in that soldier’s face.

The same as not paying my taxes honestly, and maybe costing a boy like my son, in some stinking shithole, the bullet that would have saved his life.

If I EVER shirked Jury duty–I’m pretty sure the world would end. I’ve never had the guts to find out, even when it came at the worst possible time, even when I was sure it wasn’t worth it.

And now, the last chance is here–and I hope I’m ready. I hope we all are.

The Price of Making America Great Again

 I’m a huge Sundance fan and I think his service to this country is immeasurable.  In tribute to his efforts,  I make comments and Tweet out ideas and information based on what I have learned from him to expand the circle of his influence.  Some of this essay began as a comment on Disqus.

Once Donald J. Trump becomes President of the United States of America, he will work to bring back factories and jobs.  Younger people, those not around in the eighties and nineties won’t understand how things are going to change in this country.  There will be some pain, because we have allowed America to sink very low and close  to the brink.

Turning around and undoing the decades long work of the Globalist lobby and greedy politicians who have stripped us of our factories and manufacturing base could leave some people out at first as we change gears.  And goods will become more expensive as we endeavor to pay a fair wage to those who go to work in these new American factories.

The younger people like my son only know life with cheap smart phones, tv’s, air conditioners, etc. Clothes and furniture are inexpensive, too.

Nowadays, food is expensive $3-4 for a gallon of milk, $2 for a loaf of bread, $4-5 for a dozen eggs where I live, so it costs a lot to feed ourselves and we don’t even know where our food comes from because suppliers aren’t required to label it anymore. When our food is grown and processed here in America, prices should go down.

But, once manufacturing jobs start coming back to America, the prices for electronics and clothing are going to go up. They have to, in order to pay an American worker enough to build them. The thing is, we will be able to afford to pay more for goods because we’ll all be working and taxes will go down. Maybe not during the first two years, but soon enough.

Those of you who remember the Reagan years know what I’m talking about because 1981 and 1982 were rough years when the ship started heeling and coming around. Remember when TV’s cost $400 and a designer shirt was $40?

But we all had good jobs, could buy a loaf of bread for $.50 and eggs were $.79 a dozen and the only other country the USA had to depend on was in the Middle East. It’ll be different this time, thank God for fracking.

We are Americans and we need to be self sufficient again and not have to go in to every single Home Depot or Target or Sears and see the label “Made in China” on every damn thing we buy.  We will stick together and pay a little more for our brothers and sisters to make products here – at home – in America.