Will the Never Trump Faction Usurp the Republican Nomination and Convention?

Roger Stone Discusses the Tenor and Resolve Inside the Trump Campaign Today and Reveals What You Need to Know Now.

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

While the mainstream media remains fixated on what veteran political strategist Roger Stone calls ‘ten percent of the Republican party in the Never Trump camp,’  the bigger story is the historic nine million-plus primary voters who are carrying businessman Donald Trump to the Republican presidential nomination finish line.

After demolishing sixteen other ‘big league’ candidates, including Bush dynasty prodigal Jeb!, Trump has been named the presumptive party nominee by none other than Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, Reince Priebus.

Still, social media is abuzz with alerts that Ted Cruz, despite ‘suspended campaign’ status ( candidates who suspend campaigns usually get to keep any delegates they’ve won and can continue to raise money beyond what’s needed to retire their campaign debts), is emailing and texting supporters,  continuing to solicit donations and even asking them to vote for him in upcoming primary states.

Needless to say, this is worrying to many who support Trump.  The underhanded, backroom wheeling and dealing is not over.  Sneaky Ted Cruz is still looking for votes and delegates and his fanatics are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

 As Detonite News has reported, Wisconsin natives Speaker Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker and RNC chairman Reince Priebus may have a convention power grab in the works.

The Conservative Treehouse put it this way:

Anyone who is inclined toward complacency needs only to look at the reaction yesterday by House Speaker Paul ‘Omnibus‘ Ryan and note why it is vital for the electorate to remain as committed as ever to isolate all vestiges of the UniParty:


Speaker Ryan supports Obamacare, Common Core, TPA, no budget in eight years, the OMNIBUS – but not Donald Trump.

However, America’s favorite alpha male is evaluating these events from a position of almost unstoppable power.  The message now from an interview with Roger Stone (via InfoWars) is that Donald Trump’s organization is in the process of taking over the Republican National Committee AND the Republican National Convention.

If anyone can pull it off,  Donald J. Trump can.

After garnering 30 – 40 percent of the vote with sixteen other candidates on the ballot, then proceeding to vanquish them, one by one, within three months;  meanwhile wresting over 85 percent of the needed 1,237 delegates, all at the same time bringing in record numbers of new and crossover voters totalling more than any other primary cycle in history… believing in the greatness of Trump is, well, easy.

Stone spoke to Donald Trump on Friday, May 6th, stating that Trump is “pumped up.  He is very excited.”  Although Reince Priebus has declared him the presumptive nominee, “there are still thousands of people showing up to give voice to this revolution…Trump is a force of nature.  He is an unabashed nationalist, he believes in America in terms of sovereignty and American power.”

Mr. Stone continues, “I have concluded that…he is more than happy to recognize that Wall Street will play both sides of the street.  That they’ll fund Hillary at the same time they fund Trump.  Trump is, above all, a businessman.  He would be foolish to turn down that money.  But, given that I have known him for forty years, anybody who thinks that Donald Trump can be bought is kidding themselves.  He is his own man, his views have been set for thirty years on trade, on immigration, on our absurd fiscal policies.  He is still absolutely, I think, in the camp of those who recognize that the country needs radical reform and you’re not going to get it from the current two party leadership.”

Asked about his views on the Never Trump movement and the fact that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has stated that he isn’t ready to support Donald Trump, Roger Stone offers his unique inside intelligence:  “The smart people in the Republican party have recognized the millions who are coming to our banner.  There have been nine million people who have voted for Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.  That is the largest number of voters ever garnered by any Republican nominee for president in history, including the great Ronald Reagan.”

“This is a groundswell and I think it is interesting that Speaker Ryan allows today that he may not support Trump.  The manifestation of that, which I can report directly, is that there is an insurrection today in the House among the backbenchers who want to support Trump, who are trying to figure out what’s wrong with their leader.  Trump was fielding phone calls from Congressmen all morning who are coming on board, who want Trump to visit their district and their states.”

Apparently, Paul Ryan and the branch of the Republican party leadership that he represents – the Wall Street, K Street globalist cabal populated by professional political sponges  – are intimidated and fear that the  party is being taken over by Trump’s populist nationalism.

Good.  They should be, because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Back to the interview:

“One major plus…is George Bush 43 and George Bush 41 announcing that they will not support Trump.  This I view as a major plus.  Those are two failed presidencies.  George W. Bush crashed our economy and wasted money and blood on a pointless war.”

When Stone was asked what to look for in the coming weeks and months, he had this to say:roger stone 920x920

“First, let’s talk about the convention because I have been contacted by many patriots who are saying, ‘are you sure we should stand down?  Are you sure we aren’t going to be subject to some sneak attack by Ted Cruz and his Bush family patrons:  Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Paul Singer and the rest of them?'”

Roger Stone believes that we should not stand down.  Soros and his minions will still be very active, staging protests and negative opposition.  Trump supporters should come to Cleveland in huge, overwhelming numbers for peaceful gatherings to promote a unified citizenry.

Mr. Stone continues, “I spoke to the organizers of what was going to be the Stop The Steal rally, which is now going to become a Unity & Victory rally.  They are very excited about [Alex Jones speaking in Cleveland].  There’s no evidence that the groundswell of people coming to Cleveland has been abated.”

Stone states, ” it’s important to show up and turn out.  Let’s take nothing for granted.  Now, I do think, based on meetings I was in today, that the key committees of the convention, rules, credentials, platform, are going to fall into the hands of the Trump operation.  I think it gets harder and harder to pull some backroom steal.  The platform now becomes more important because we want that to be a nationalist document that reflects the views of Donald Trump, not a neo-con document that represents the failed policies of the Bushes.

As for the general election going forward, Stone offered this insight:

“Hillary has a well funded machine, she’s drowning in Soros money, illegal money, and Trump is running a completely grassroots campaign that, you know, he’s funded out of his own wallet.  So they must very quickly ramp up the financing operation.  Now there’s even more news about this group, the Great America Super PAC and I want to warn potential donors that this PAC is a scam…Jesse Benton, former aide to Rand Paul and Ron Paul, was convicted of bribery in Iowa for bribing voters, bribing elected officials.

Ed Rollins, who recently signed on, his daytime job is working for Teneo.  Teneo is the Bill & Hillary connected lobbying firm run by Doug Band, who is essentially Bill Clinton’s bag man.  The chairwoman of this organization, the Great America PAC, Amy Kremer resigned today over what she said were financial shenanigans.”

Over the past ten months, ever since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, supporters have asked the same question: what can we do to help?  Since Trump has run the most unconventional campaign in American history, it’s been unclear what average people can do to support the candidate aside from showing up to attend rallies and to vote for him in the primaries.

Roger Stone addresses this issue:

“Well, it remains to be seen.  He did an interview this morning [Friday, May 6th] where he conceded that Super PAC’s are a necessary evil and that he has a lot of people out there who want to support him and he really can’t tell them what to do.  To me that means that individual citizens need to move forward and act.”

Stand with Donald Trump and Make America Great Again!

Will the vast amounts of donor cash  –  Wall Street, K Street – be too much of a temptation for even Donald Trump to resist the tyranny of it’s siren call?

Will the unending resource of Super PAC money turn Trump’s head or will he remain rock solid in his commitment to do the right things for Americans?


Donald Trump and Roger Stone

“Rock solid, rock solid,”  Mr. Stone says of the Republican party’s presumptive nominee. “Donald Trump is not going to abandon Trumpism.  Anybody on Wall Street who thinks that Trump can be bought or bullied is wrong.”

The mainstream media is pounding away at the message that Trump is too unfavorable with women and minorities, as if the polling done six months out from election day has any basis in predicting the ultimate outcome.

“It’s interesting that new polling this week I’ve looked at shows that the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – just within the last week – has closed to single digits. So the mainstream media claimed that Trump is hopelessly behind, he can’t possibly make up this ground.  That is entirely false,” Stone explains.

Supporters of Trump, patriots, free thinkers, don’t be daunted by these poll numbers.  Trump is well in range and he’s gained substantially since the Indiana primary.   I’m more bullish than ever and here’s the things I like: the polling that I have looked at – Trump is running substantially ahead where Romney and McCain ran with African Americans… I don’t think we have to worry about [Trump attacking Hillary to make her crumble] whatsoever.  He understands her great vulnerabilities, her abuse of women, her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State, the fiasco in Benghazi, the entire deposing of Gaddafi in Libya, and then there’s the Clinton Foundation, a slush fund for grifters.”

Despite the full throated corporate media  support for Hillary, some of whom would tell us that the former Secretary isn’t even under investigation, rest assured that none of her history escapes Trump’s cognizance in crafting his general election strategy against Hillary Clinton.

Roger Stone put it this way:

“No, I think justice is going to be served one way or another and that’s a steamer trunk on her back.  Let me just say this – Trump completely understands her vulnerabilities, he knows that he has got an embarrassment of riches when it comes to issues that he can raise about her past conduct , her integrity and her disastrous public record.”

“She is not going to know what hit her.”

Make your reservations, buy your ticket, get there early and save your spot.  The revolution is just getting started and you have an invitation for a front row seat to history in the making.

Let’s roll,  America!