Sarah Palin WI 56ff38488d1ed.imageSarah’s Little Publicized Recent Speech in Wisconsin – Full of Inconvenient & Heartbreaking Truths

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

A recent Milwaukee GOP fundraising event featured Sarah Palin as keynote speaker, much to the chagrin of party insiders in the audience who sat silent and uncomfortable while Sarah talked about the reality of life for their constituents in the state.

The speech is a fairly long read but well worth the time because she points out all of the failures and misrepresentations of Senator Ted Cruz and the current Republican party leadership. Links are provided to back up Governor Palin’s references on immigration, trade, foreign policy and military strength.

Here is a transcription of Governor Sarah Palin’s April 1st remarks, speaking in Milwaukee at a Wisconsin Republican party fundraiser:

“Wisconsin, you deserve the best, and what you’re getting right now from the federal government is not the best. Here in Wisconsin, your middle class has been harmed, probably more than any other state in the union, because of federal policies that just don’t make sense and really have shrunk the middle class. Here, more than anywhere else.

I want to talk about three core issues that need to be addressed and I think Donald Trump is the one to tackle these issues and succeed in growing again and prospering your middle class, the three core issues that the political class in DC pursues its own interests about, at the expense of our own country, really betraying all of us.


Milwaukee GOP fundraising event featuring keynote speaker Governor Sarah Palin

These, though, are the same GOP folks who don’t see the GOP so much as an expression of the people’s will, but more as an ATM for their own wallets. They’re really shaken up right now, they kind of don’t know what to do about the Trump Train, about the momentum, the movement, of outsiders, independents, GOP participants who are really fed up with politics as usual. They don’t know what to do about it. They’re shaken up and this awesome awakening, the shifting and sifting, the exposing of this rabid bite for them to hold on to any kind of relevancy, and to hang on to their gravy train. It’s leading now to a very healthy cleansing of the body politic, to heal the body politic and is to save our nation.

See, the Wall Street connected , the crony capitalists, they don’t suffer. They profit with open borders. They don’t suffer, they profit when jobs are shipped offshore. They don’t suffer, but they profit when consultants and lobbyists push reckless foreign policies that cost us treasure and, more importantly, they cost us the blood of our finest, America’s sons and daughters in uniform.

The establishment’s interests runs counter to the interests of the people. And it runs counter to common sense, which I swear, common sense is an endangered species in Washington.

Consider these three policy issues. First, immigration. We’ve admitted more immigrants than any other country on earth, four times as many. Forty-three million now. More and more crossing the border every single day. Well, with Washington now mismanaging our money and the burdens put upon the private sector, stifling opportunity, this uncontrolled immigration has so destabilized the middle class, and that massive crowding at the low end of the wage scale, it kicked away the ladder to income stability, suffocated wages and it really surged the number of people who aren’t working. And sure, the corporate shills who are funding today’s secretive, pro establishment, mind boggling hundred million dollar Super PAC’s, they love the open borders and the wrong headed visa programs and those that flood the market with more foreign workers. But really, it is a disaster for We the People.

Donald Trump is the only one who really understands this reality. He’s the only one who creates the private sector jobs and balances budgets and builds things, builds big things. And he has forced candidates to finally own up to their actual support of, and participation in, perpetuating the problem of the immigration issues that we’re facing. The other candidates didn’t want to talk about it, but Trump made them.


Senator Ted Cruz unloads boxes of teddy bears and soccer balls for illegal alien children.

Now, because he beat the media on that issue, they like to let their chosen one – or chosen one’s – get away with not really answering questions about their betrayals. But knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates, “what the heck are you thinking, candidates? What are you thinking when you go ahead and you’re actually asking for more immigrants, even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing them with gift baskets? Come on over the border and there’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls. What are you thinking? It’s just inviting more.”

Yeah, candidates can say anything they want to about immigration, amnesty, but actions scream so much louder than a politician’s words. Take the Gang of Eight bill to increase foreign workers by five hundred percent and green cards increase by two hundred percent. Who offered the amendments for that to further collapse U.S. incomes, jobs and security? Which candidate?

Second messed up policy I want to talk about is trade. The loss of our industry jobs represents one of the greatest betrayals of the working people in the history of modern civilization. And it’s for shame, politicians. They know who they are, who have been a part of this problem. We HAD the greatest manufacturing sector known to man. Well, it was dismantled and shipped overseas right under our noses because of political incompetence, corruption and nonsensical ideology.

A third of our manufacturing jobs – a third of them! – they disappeared after two major policies: NAFTA, and then China entering the World Trade Organization. Our trade treaties… today they’re not even enforced. They’re kind of a joke around the globe. Trading partners like China, they’re contractually banned from unfairly subsidizing products. They do it anyway! And they laugh all the way to the bank. Their cheating tactic is currency manipulation. And we can’t compete when their central bank devalue their currency. Trump is the only one hot on this because he’s the only one who understands the art of the deal. Our partners’ cheating is how our middle class disappears.

The trade ideologues, they say, “well, we can’t respond to cheating, we’re going to scare people, start talking about threats of trade wars!” Wisconsin, theses are the voices responsible for trade surrender. They say, “we can’t enforce the rules because then, that trinket made in China, maybe is going to cost a penny more!” Well, if a country or a company cheats us, they’re pretending, “what the heck, we’re going to pretend it doesn’t happen, we’re going to lose jobs!”

Ultimately, though, what happens then is we lose the American work ethic that built this most exceptional nation. Politicians create a people then dependent on government and grow government control over the people. It’s a very warped and dangerous road that politicians have put us on. Because, where we’re headed with trade, it’s going to fundamentally transform America into something that we don’t recognize. And our kids, and our grandkids, they’ll never know then what it is to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial that God creates within us, in order to work and produce and to strive and thrive and really be alive in the greatest country on earth.

I thank God that Donald Trump gets it, because he lives it. He suceeds because he knows the art of the deal, and we root him on because he roots us on. He wants that same success for our kids and for our grandkids. Look, the ideology of trade surrender, it’s not conservative. It’s radical.

Who’s the biggest proponent of this? What candidate helped Obama pass his trade bill, TPP? And actually removed the hurdles for fast tracking? That’s TPA. And actually, purposefully, has opened the door for China and Russia to come on in and join TPP with zero congressional consult? Who opposed a crackdown on currency cheating? Who kind of freaks out now and is against putting any tariffs on these trinkets and goods? Now, you have to ask yourself: who is this? Well, it’s not someone who understands Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan pushed trade enforcement harder than any president in our lifetime.

Harley Davidson India

Harley Davidson opened factory in India 2011 to comply with Indian trade policy limiting market to domestically manufactured items only.

Wisconsin, Reagan saved the Hog here. Your Harley Davidson. That was Reagan who saved that. He saved it with a forty five percent tariff that he put on Japanese motorcycles to combat their cheating. He also saved the semiconductor industry with a hundred percent tariff. Shoot, let’s learn from Reagan. Or what, in the establishment they’re going to start a hashtag movement, a hashtag #NeverReagan? They don’t like that.

Well, every country knows now that there’s no consequence for their cheating. So now they’re finding more aggressive ways to really screw us. And to kill American opportunity. Like our steel towns.

Tragically, they’ve been hollowed out and the world has not stopped using steel, no it’s needed more than ever today. But, the industry died here because D.C., our politicians, they allowed foreign governments to target our businesses for extinction. They let it happen.

Trump sees that we’re the only country that doesn’t defend it’s own economic interests and he has said, “enough! We’re bringing the jobs back home.” He says, “we’re rebuilding America. We’re putting America back to work.” So remember, when a candidate says, “look now. We don’t want to do anything to increase an import.” What he’s really saying is he is A-ok with cheating. And maybe it’s kind of awesome to him to let them rip us off. Because maybe he’s got his.

Finally, our third issue. Foreign policy and military might. Our freedom should be the GOP’s number one priority. Only one candidate left standing, though, knows that military superiority is to protect our interests and not just piecemeal together some reckless nation building scheme overseas. Our military might, protecting our interests, is what keeps us free.


ISIS murders innocent people in submerging cage.

The threat of our time is that unwavering and horrid Islamic belief that we, peace loving, generous Americans, that we are the infidels and that we must die. Well, only Trump talks rationally about listening to top brass as president and hiring the best of the best to work alongside our Commander in Chief to work with those who share our interests to stopping the Islamic threat by defeating ISIS overseas with strong, strong military strikes. And until intelligent ops and spurring allies to get more engaged and at the same time to keep extremists from using our porous borders that are purposefully left open – using those borders and visa system – let them come here where they will recruit to unleash terror here. And it’s not something to laugh at, friends.

Well, that’s just more of that common sense stuff, though, that I guess, in campaigns nowadays, only those independent of big donors demands get to exercise. Hey there’s a reason that big money, open borders and radical special interests are so madly anti Trump. Think about it. His positions, they’re not radically anti GOP platform positions at all.

But they’re radically anti Trump, these folks are, and they’re lining up behind the others because they know that nothing’s going to change unless an outsider, who the people support, gets in there.

bush clan

Neil Bush heads Ted Cruz campaign finance committee.  Pictured here with his father and brothers.

The same politicians support doing the same old policies that are trashing our economy and shipping out our jobs, letting us foot the bill for everyone else. Palling around with the same old politico insiders who betrayed us over and over again. Enough! You deserve better.

It’s funny, but not really, the same sanctimonious ones lecturing us about Mr. Trump’s tone are personally responsible for policies that actually cost American lives. And trillions of dollars. Well, enough is enough. Enough of the holier than thou lectures from those steering us into rocky shoals.

So, an America first policy and smart immigration, where we vet who’s actually coming ashore, so as not to invite trouble like evil recruits setting up shop here. That is the essence of the long term strategy to containing evil. That and respecting our red, white and blue, making our military second to none, caring for our troops, loving our vets, paying them what is due. Like their earned healthcare, physical, mental healthcare. And not pretending like tragedy doesn’t rage in our military community today.

trump with disabled vet

Disabled Veteran meets Donald Trump at fundraising event in Iowa.

Friends, twenty-two vets a day commit suicide. Twenty-two of America’s finest see no reason to keep on. Well, I don’t hear a lot of other candidate’s campaigns talking about our vets. But we are. Because we care. Their sacrifices will not be in vain. So we’ll elect a Commander in Chief who shares that and we will never, never leave our men and women behind.

And that’s why we go to the mat for the front runner and we won’t retreat. We’ll reload. We won’t retreat, though. And we’re willing to stand on the front lines even, because whatever it takes to defeat the one who DID leave our boys behind with no apology, just a flippant, “ah, Benghazi. What difference does it make?” THAT. That embodiment of all that is so, so wrong with what we’re really up against, Republicans.

And, what we’re really up against. Well, General George Patton, he said it best. He, leading the greatest generation, he said,”politicians are the lowest form of life on earth,” – he said it , I didn’t – and he said, “Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” So, remember what it will take to save our nation. Remember what it’s going to take. It’s all of us working together at the end of the line here, with God’s grace, we will be able to save the nation. And it’s going to take unity among patriots who love this country as much as we love our own families .

So yes, engage in vigorous, healthy competition. Be civil. Then vote. And I say vote for Donald J. Trump. And then unite to make America great again. And I thank you so much for your graciousness and allowing me to kind of crash your fish fry. Letting me come on in and speak my mind about the candidate who I’m supporting. I just thank you so much for believing in the planks of the Republican platform we know, that we know they are the planks that will build this great nation again. It will build us stronger, safer. It will save our sovereignty. So thank you so much for all of us united in that mission. God bless you, Wisconsin. Thank you very, very much.