Big ted cruz lecturn-1125x635Recent Articles Question Which Denomination Senator Cruz Belongs To And Whether It’s Too Extreme For A President

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

An article in the East Orlando Post entitled Ted Cruz: Closet Pentecostal  paints Ted Cruz in an unfavorable light because his family converted to the Baptist church when they lived in Houston, Texas in the late 1970’s.  The EO Post thinks Cruz is hiding that he is a Pentecostal because they imagine charismatic Christians writhing on the floor, speaking in tongues, and that’s not an image that Americans want tied to the Commander In Chief.

Whether or not Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist (he and his wife Heidi attend Houston’s First Baptist Church), Dan Calabrese writes in Canada Free Press,   “I don’t know if Ted Cruz is actually Pentecostal or if he speaks in tongues, but if he does, I’m sure he’s not “closet” or secretive about it. And the fact that he belongs to a church that identifies as Baptist doesn’t mean he’s hiding anything. My church doesn’t have the word Pentecostal in the name either, but I’m no less Pentecostal. It’s not so much an official denomination as it is a way of identifying how you worship and how you are led by the Spirit.”

Much is also made of Senator Cruz’ connection to Dominionism, a branch of Christianity that in the past has been connected to previous presidential and vice presidential candidates.  Rafael Cruz, the candidate’s father, also referred to as the Traveling Evangelist, has campaigned for his son preaching the principles of the Seven Mountains theology and describing his son as an ‘anointed King’ leading the ‘end-time transfer of wealth’ from the wicked to the righteous.   Pastor Larry Hutch, of New Beginnings Church where Rafael conducted his sermon, stated that Cruz’ recent election to the U.S. Senate was a sign he was one of these kings.”

I don’t think Americans care which Christian faith Ted Cruz belongs to because  I think what we care about is whether or not he is sincere about it.  As someone who has made his faith a prominent feature of his campaign – I would argue the most prominent – is he being honest about whatever it is that he does believe?

Heidi Cruz is the daughter of Seventh Day Adventist missionary parents and grew up traveling the world with them.  Evangelical Protestants, the Church of Pentecost, have similar symbols, that resemble the Senators’ flame logo:

So what is Ted Cruz?  Pentecostal? Southern Baptist? Dominionist?  All are Protestant and the similarities probably outweigh the differences.  That’s why my question is about the sincerity of using his faith.

Glenn Beck says that Ted Cruz is fulfilling a Mormon prophecy.  Glenn Beck has made a fortune from Christian fans.  They may not know that his Mercury One charity participates in South American and Muslim refugee relief efforts and receives part of a government funding pie that totals in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Uh huh.

According to Ted Cruz himself in 2013:  “I think anyone in politics — you’ve got a special obligation to avoid being a pharisee, to avoid ostentatiously wrapping yourself in your faith. Because I think in politics, it’s too easy for that to become a crutch, for that to be politically useful.”  So Cruz is conscious of hypocritically using religion as a tool to manipulate voters.  His major donor, Robert Mercer, owns Cambridge Analytics, the psy ops arm of his campaign.  His campaign has boasted about the fact that they use manipulative techniques to sway voters.

It seems as though Senator Cruz has viewed his faith as a marketing tool, as demonstrated today with the terrible terrorist attack in Brussels.  The highly publicized video of Cruz where his first comments mentioned the Mormon missionaries injured in Belgium bombing, on the same day as the Utah caucuses.  No mention of the entire family of military personnel in the intensive care unit.  To me it seemed pandering.  Cruz also ends every speech with a plea for voters to pray for ‘continued awakening.’

In June of last year, Ted Cruz told NPR that his opposition to gay marriage would be’ front and center’ in his 2016 campaign.

Last July, Cruz said the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage was ‘the very definition of tyranny.’

Then, in December of 2015 at a Manhattan fundraising event, attended by the very same people whom he later criticized for their ‘New York values,’ he was asked by a Republican gay rights donor if fighting gay marriage would be a ‘top three’ priority.  Senator Cruz can be heard on the secret recording saying,  “No,” answering that marriage is a state issue.

It surprised his Christian supporters.  It was the beginning of the end of my support for him.  It was disheartening that he had one answer for the public and his core evangelical, Conservative voters and another for the ‘New York values’ socially moderate donors.

It’s up to every citizen whether courting and using religious voters is an important consideration or whether he’s merely another pharisee politician wrapping himself in faith.

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