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A Man Tells Donald Trump How He’s Helped Him Learn To Win

By: Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

A heartbreaking and very personal account of a Donald Trump supporter reveals his struggles growing up in a drug and poverty ravaged environment in Washington DC by writing an open letter to the Presidential frontrunner.  War Veteran Troy Morton addresses “President Trump,” calling himself “Just A Simple Man,” going on to detail his story on the Scott Adams ‘Dilbert’ blog starting out simply “No other candidate has ever captured my attention the way you have.”

The letter continues:

“Growing up as a black man in Washington DC during the “crack 80’s” when Marion Barry was mayor, I lived a lower middle class childhood in one of the most dangerous cities in America.

There was no father in my life to steel me against the world.

I was a boy, and I needed a Man.

Without strong male guidance, I learned to fear…but not how to face fear and win.  I have not reached my potential and instead settled in to apathy and stasis…not great.  Not strong.  not resolute…

My life, in many important ways, mirrors the American experience…Enduring, not winning.  No leadership. No strong Male inspiration.  And occasional, crushing defeats that hit to the core of our country…most notably 9/11, but also with the erosion of our middle class and uniquely American culture.

Like you say so often: we don’t WIN anymore.

Watching your campaign, and being as invested in it as I am, has been an exercise in recognizing and confronting fear that I never expected.

Every time your opponents hit you…I fear for you…I feel fear for your candidacy and our country…and causes me to worry that no one, not even you, can really change the country for the better.

Then, inevitably, you win the battle.  You don’t ‘survive’ or ‘endure’…you attack and put fear into your opponents.  You don’t stop until they are buried under your feet.  Until they become paralyzed…

trump with disabled vet

Once they are eliminated as a threat, you are generous to the vanquished.  It’s not personal.  They were simply in the way.  Your life is full of conflict, but it becomes yet another opportunity to WIN and makes you more powerful.

You became the man that helped me see fear for what it is: an illusion of power, a powerful teacher, and the path to winning if used properly.

You taught me how to win.

I appreciate what you’ve done for me personally and what you’re doing for our country…I can’t wait for you to become the father and leader of our country.  It’s been a long, cold winter for men in America the last eight years…your election will dramatically improve the level of respect, admiration and love people will show for strong men and Fathers, and will create a new generation of leaders from impressionable young boys.

That more than anything will Make America Great Again.”

The letter is simply signed, “Troy.”

To read the letter in it’s entirety, go to