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As California Goes, So Goes The Nation

If you want to see Liberal Uniparty policies in action, look at California

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

I live in California. I  have lived here my entire life.  Incredible as it may seem, we used to be a Republican stronghold.  Back in the 1960’s, we elected Ronald Reagan as our Governor and helped carry Richard Nixon in to White House.  Southern California was especially red back then.

Not anymore.

Last year, California enacted AB60, which states:

“Assembly Bill (AB) 60 (Chapter 524: Statutes of 2013) requires the department to issue an original driver license to an applicant who is unable to submit satisfactory proof of legal presence in the United States.”

From January 2015 to June 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles processed  1.1 million applicants who took the written test for a driver’s license under AB60, and nearly 400,000 licenses were issued in just the first six months of the new law. According to Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, an organization advocating for legal and limited immigration, this is a giant lure for more illegals to find their way here.  In a July 17, 2015 article for San Jose Mercury News he was quoted:

“”There are now 400,000 more signals to people all over the world that working illegally in California is encouraged by the government itself,” he said.”

As for the documentation required to establish identity for the illegal immigrants?  The flimsiest of identification will do, as in a note from a priest or homeless shelter is plenty.

Papers?  We  don’t need no stinkin’ papers!  Granted, the Driver’s Licenses issued under AB60 are marked a little differently, and they cannot be used to satisfy federal requirements needed to board a plane.  But hey, it’s a start!

Democrats are masters at inching their way toward their goals.  Get a foot in the door and in five or ten years,  quietly pass a law that allows full access, rights and most of all benefits.

The Liberal Democrats in California are big on providing benefits to people who shouldn’t be here.  California spends over $25 BILLION per year on benefits to illegal immigrants.

Twenty Five Billion Dollars.

And half of that is spent just educating illegal immigrant children.

I have neighbors who are hispanic.  Fine people, keep to themselves, maintain their house very well.  But over the last ten years, many, many families have stayed with them, temporarily.  The children attend our elementary school that’s around the corner.  The parents come and go during the day, decrepit cars with Mexican license plates come and go.  Then a few weeks later, poof. They’re gone.  I lost count of how many times this has happened.  I don’t know who these families are, but I have my suspicions.  Yet it’s all perfectly legal.  As long as somebody has a ‘cousin’ or ‘uncle’ who lives in the United States, they’re golden.  Come on in, no need to jump a wall, just visit uncle Carlos and turn it in to a new American address.  You are welcome!

If you want to see how illegal immigration, teacher’s unions and the Liberal Democrats have fared in Californian schools, go sit in on a Southern California public high school class room.  I’m sure there are many fine career teachers who are as dedicated today as they were when they started, but I have noticed younger teachers gravitating towards charter or online schools and it may very well be because discipline is a thing of the past.

In 2013, California adopted Common Core, which has been an absolute disaster for our children.  Every student I know is struggling, even brilliant kids who are on track to attend top tier universities can’t make heads or tails of the Common Core curriculum.  Here is a sample of the first year standard testing results in the Los Angeles Unified School District:

LA Common Core scores 111354-eight

No wonder I couldn’t find a better graphic to use!  Who would want to admit that only 23% of economically disadvantaged students tested at/above English and math!  Who benefits from Common Core curriculum?  Because it sure isn’t students. Once again, Democrats have cheated economically disadvantaged children whom they are supposedly championing, all for the federal funding and centralized control.

 Part II As California Goes The Nation


CA Budget Summary capitol

In a previous post, I talked about the costs of illegal immigration and the failure of Common Core in California.  The fact is that we spend $25 Billion a year on people who are not supposed to be here.  Liberal Democrats have created a mess with tax and spend policies that are, to use one of their favorite terms, unsustainable.

California needs money, although if you listen to the media, Governor Jerry Brown is doing a great job.  The Los Angeles Times boldly stated in their June 10, 2015 article ‘California Is Flush With Cash. So Why The Warnings To Prepare For Recession?’ that there may be trouble down the road (after he leaves office – how convenient):

“Even as California’s leaders prepare a new state budget that is flush with cash, Gov. Jerry Brown has increasingly raised the specter of another recession that could undo years of hard-won financial progress.

(Governor) Brown has said overhauling the tax code — expanding the sales tax to some services or reducing reliance on the wealthy — may not be politically possible in Democrat-ruled California, because it would increase levies on the less wealthy.”

Not so fast.  In 2014, California’s hidden debt was $111 Billion.  That little tidbit was omitted from the LA Times report.  The hidden costs of pensions and retiree health care are part of the picture that is swept under the carpet in favor of flashy, phony surpluses that would make the cost cutting governor look more like a sleight-of-hand artist.

In a typical Democrat controlled Socialist utopia like California, the philosophy is a simple, Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton template.  Again, from the LA Times article:

“The state pulls about half of its income tax revenue from the top 1% of residents, whose incomes ebb and flow with the unpredictable stock market. Even mild economic ripples can cause big waves in Sacramento.

It’s a thorny political problem for the governor, who began his final term in office in January and has been widely credited with steering the state out of a series of damaging budget crises.

He faces constant pressure from activists and fellow Democrats to increase spending on such programs as state-subsidized child care, but he does not want to add a lot of permanent expenses that may not be sustainable.

The governor has offered some new assistance, such as a tax credit for poor families. But he is trying to beat back other requests, such as higher pay for doctors who participate in the public healthcare program.”

There you have it.  The future of America under Hillary Clinton.  And to be honest, if the GOPe  nominates their choice, Hillary Clinton will be elected.  But I digress.

According to accountant Sheila Weinberg, who heads the organization Truth In Accounting (TIA), this sleight-of-hand financial reporting is the type that corporations aren’t even supposed to use.  In an interview with Watchdog Arena, she states:

“If figures are hidden, officials are able to use a “cash in, cash out” approach to the state accounting, a type of practice often criticized when employed by a corporation. Without more information on how much the state actually owes, the public is left with the impression that things are not as bad as they seem.

Calif Debt chart-8-600x350

So while California claims to have cut spending from 2013 to 2014 by $6.6 billion, the real story is kicked to the curb.

“A lot of times, when government costs more than what taxpayers are paying, [government officials] just continue to increase and [leave] the bill to future taxpayers instead of really balancing the budget.””

Part III Water, Corruption And Environmentalist Crazies


Previous posts exposed the absolute tyranny of Democrat Liberalism in California in unfettered illegal immigration, Common Core chaos and Governor Jerry Brown’s sleight of hand hiding $111 Billion state deficit.

Those aspects of California’s trouble is child’s play compared to the state’s water shortage and why there isn’t any.

Nowhere is the lack of foresight and funding more evident than in California’s water crisis.  Hollywood movies have been made about our water situation.  For decades and decades, this state has been unable to fix the water problem.

The California River Delta is the epicenter of the fight between environmentalists, climate change advocates, Liberal Left ideologues and the farmers and people of California.  That one sentence encapsulates the entire dynamic of the stagnation and foot dragging being done to avoid resolving our water needs.

Everyone has heard about the smelt fish.  In the late 2000’s, the water pumps working the Delta dams and aqueducts were ordered shut down because the environmental group, National Resources Defense Council, filed a federal law suit claiming that the pumps were  killing off the lowly little smelt fish, an animal listed on the Endangered Species list.

Farmers were no longer able to irrigate their crops and many filed for bankruptcy.  Families who had farmed for generations lost almost everything.  California as the nations’ breadbasket was endangered.  The environmentalists want to eliminate Central Valley farming because it is “not indigenous to the region.”  Could it also be that the Liberal Left wants to make this country completely and totally dependent on importing food from other countries?  Food is now being imported from who knows where in the world because food suppliers are no longer required to list country of origin information on labeling.  Curious and curiouser.

California relies on the few dams and reservoirs that were last built in the 1960’s.  Think about that for a moment.  The last time any money was spent on reservoirs was when Reagan was governor.  We are unable to build and renovate existing waterways because of environmentalists and corrupt politicians who continually kick the can down the road for the next guy to solve.  If the Delta suffered a moderately destructive earthquake, it would be a statewide disaster of epic proportions.  The aging structures would crumble.  Current estimates (2009) to put in modern water infrastructure is $40 Billion.  Currently, the state has scaled back an $8 Billion plan by the federal and state governments to restore the delta wildlife and will now spend only $300 Million.  Agricultural interests are uncertain as to whether they will invest $15 Billion to construct delta tunnels to protect water supplies without a  50 year guarantee from state and federal agencies.

The heartbreaking reality of the tyranny of the Liberal Left is evidenced in a January 21, 2016 article in the San Jose Mercury News, ‘California Farmers Brace For Water Shortage Despite El Nino’ which describes the human impact of corrupt water policies:

“On a recent stormy night, (Shawn) Coburn was up at 3 a.m. watching satellite images of clouds moving over California. He exchanged text messages with another farmer on the other side of the valley, alerting each other when raindrops started falling.

But Coburn relies in part on federal water supplies, and he said officials have repeatedly warned farmers like him that they should expect no irrigation water. He may leave his tomato fields unplanted this year, saving his limited water to keep his trees alive.

“We may never recover,” said Coburn, who also blames environmental regulations designed to protect endangered fish for depriving farmers of water. “This may be the long death spiral.”

Lester Snow, executive director of the California Water Foundation, said the drought has exposed a weakness in the state’s water management system built 60 or more years ago.

The amount of land farmers now cultivate and the number of people living in the state have both dramatically increased since state and federal officials built California’s massive water system.

Yet Snow said the state hasn’t adequately invested in modernizing it, such as finding ways to capture storm water runoff, recycle water, store and recharge depleted groundwater.”

Sunset Delta 23Day1Delta01bw-1024x682

As California goes, so goes the nation under Liberal Left wing policies.

After watching our Republican majority in the Senate and House make absolutely NO difference in the policies and funding coming out of Washington DC,  the candidates running for President are all the same.  Nothing will change under Clinton, Rubio, Cruz and especially Mitt Romney who is waiting in the wings to steal the nomination for the Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce establishment GOP.

There is a movement going on in America, a movement to take back this country from the global cabal that every candidate for every office in the land has been beholden to for the last three decades.  This is the second American Revolution 2016.  Hopefully,  we can circumvent the elitists of the RNC/DNC uniparty to bring back our factories and food producers, bring back our jobs and our money sitting in overseas banks due to overly burdensome tax rates, re-establish our sovereignty by building a wall on our southern border and ridding ourselves of the ruinous financial burden of illegal immigrants and sham worker visa’s that corporate fat cat’s use to take jobs away from American workers.

 We need a nationalist, a President who puts America First in all ways.  A vote for any other candidate will give us four to eight years of Hillary Clinton.  The ‘Conservative’ media has already vowed to give Hillary the White House if they don’t get their preferred candidate nominated.  Why not?  They’ve been perfectly happy with Obama in office.  Why do you think nothing changed when we gave Republicans the majority in Congress?

Maybe if we get a true America First candidate elected as President, that $25 Billion spent on illegal immigrants here in California can go towards rebuilding our dam aqueducts.

I’ll drink to that!