I’m a huge Sundance fan and I think his service to this country is immeasurable.  In tribute to his efforts,  I make comments and Tweet out ideas and information based on what I have learned from him to expand the circle of his influence.  Some of this essay began as a comment on Disqus.

Once Donald J. Trump becomes President of the United States of America, he will work to bring back factories and jobs.  Younger people, those not around in the eighties and nineties won’t understand how things are going to change in this country.  There will be some pain, because we have allowed America to sink very low and close  to the brink.

Turning around and undoing the decades long work of the Globalist lobby and greedy politicians who have stripped us of our factories and manufacturing base could leave some people out at first as we change gears.  And goods will become more expensive as we endeavor to pay a fair wage to those who go to work in these new American factories.

The younger people like my son only know life with cheap smart phones, tv’s, air conditioners, etc. Clothes and furniture are inexpensive, too.

Nowadays, food is expensive $3-4 for a gallon of milk, $2 for a loaf of bread, $4-5 for a dozen eggs where I live, so it costs a lot to feed ourselves and we don’t even know where our food comes from because suppliers aren’t required to label it anymore. When our food is grown and processed here in America, prices should go down.

But, once manufacturing jobs start coming back to America, the prices for electronics and clothing are going to go up. They have to, in order to pay an American worker enough to build them. The thing is, we will be able to afford to pay more for goods because we’ll all be working and taxes will go down. Maybe not during the first two years, but soon enough.

Those of you who remember the Reagan years know what I’m talking about because 1981 and 1982 were rough years when the ship started heeling and coming around. Remember when TV’s cost $400 and a designer shirt was $40?

But we all had good jobs, could buy a loaf of bread for $.50 and eggs were $.79 a dozen and the only other country the USA had to depend on was in the Middle East. It’ll be different this time, thank God for fracking.

We are Americans and we need to be self sufficient again and not have to go in to every single Home Depot or Target or Sears and see the label “Made in China” on every damn thing we buy.  We will stick together and pay a little more for our brothers and sisters to make products here – at home – in America.