A conversation I was having about Rubio and Jeb! Bush being forced down our throats by the RNC:

RNC is counting on Rubio or Jeb! but they really want Bush. He is still their man. Notice the recent uptick in Jebbies poll numbers so that he wouldn’t be humiliated being relegated to the second tier debate? Does anyone know anybody anywhere that supports Bush? Suspicious polling at 10% Margin of Error. The RNC is set on Jeb! and will continue to maneuver and jockey throughout the primaries for him. Hell they wrote the new primary rules in 2013 to favor Bush and guarantee his nomination. They didn’t expect Trump, though they are evil and will continue to try and usurp Trump by forcing Cruz to pledge his early state delegates to Jeb! Just watch and see.

To which my conversation partner added this:

You are absolutely right. Jeb would be President Cheney’s 3rd term. I say President Cheney because anybody who knows politics and is intelligent absolutely knows Cheney was running the George W. Bush Administration. Bush was just a human store display propped up like he was president. Ugh

To which I recalled, as Sundance puts it, an ‘awakening’:

You know, I liked GWB personally, the way he treated his troops and all. George W. Bush is proud of his country and that goes a long way with people. But I saw a video after he left office – I wish I could find it or remember where I saw it – that showed W as he was in his last few days in the White House.

The interviewer was expressing trepidation at the prospect of an Obama Administration (few foresaw the scope of trouble ahead). Bush responded with something like, “it really doesn’t make much difference who sits in this chair (pointing to the Kennedy desk). Things go on pretty much the same way no matter who is President.”

I was…gobsmacked, I guess you could say. A crack appeared in the regard I’d had for him and that’s a difficult thing to admit.

So, in essence, he was saying that everything is preordained and although the faces may change, the lobbyist Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street interests never do.

The only one that isn’t controlled by anything other than being a true American is Donald Trump.

I have a feeling that, under a Trump Administration, business as usual will never be the same.