Trump 2016: Insurrection!

Will the Never Trump Faction Usurp the Republican Nomination and Convention?

Roger Stone Discusses the Tenor and Resolve Inside the Trump Campaign Today and Reveals What You Need to Know Now.

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

While the mainstream media remains fixated on what veteran political strategist Roger Stone calls ‘ten percent of the Republican party in the Never Trump camp,’  the bigger story is the historic nine million-plus primary voters who are carrying businessman Donald Trump to the Republican presidential nomination finish line.

After demolishing sixteen other ‘big league’ candidates, including Bush dynasty prodigal Jeb!, Trump has been named the presumptive party nominee by none other than Republican National Committee (RNC) chair, Reince Priebus.

Still, social media is abuzz with alerts that Ted Cruz, despite ‘suspended campaign’ status ( candidates who suspend campaigns usually get to keep any delegates they’ve won and can continue to raise money beyond what’s needed to retire their campaign debts), is emailing and texting supporters,  continuing to solicit donations and even asking them to vote for him in upcoming primary states.

Needless to say, this is worrying to many who support Trump.  The underhanded, backroom wheeling and dealing is not over.  Sneaky Ted Cruz is still looking for votes and delegates and his fanatics are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

 As Detonite News has reported, Wisconsin natives Speaker Paul Ryan, Governor Scott Walker and RNC chairman Reince Priebus may have a convention power grab in the works.

The Conservative Treehouse put it this way:

Anyone who is inclined toward complacency needs only to look at the reaction yesterday by House Speaker Paul ‘Omnibus‘ Ryan and note why it is vital for the electorate to remain as committed as ever to isolate all vestiges of the UniParty:


Speaker Ryan supports Obamacare, Common Core, TPA, no budget in eight years, the OMNIBUS – but not Donald Trump.

However, America’s favorite alpha male is evaluating these events from a position of almost unstoppable power.  The message now from an interview with Roger Stone (via InfoWars) is that Donald Trump’s organization is in the process of taking over the Republican National Committee AND the Republican National Convention.

If anyone can pull it off,  Donald J. Trump can.

After garnering 30 – 40 percent of the vote with sixteen other candidates on the ballot, then proceeding to vanquish them, one by one, within three months;  meanwhile wresting over 85 percent of the needed 1,237 delegates, all at the same time bringing in record numbers of new and crossover voters totalling more than any other primary cycle in history… believing in the greatness of Trump is, well, easy.

Stone spoke to Donald Trump on Friday, May 6th, stating that Trump is “pumped up.  He is very excited.”  Although Reince Priebus has declared him the presumptive nominee, “there are still thousands of people showing up to give voice to this revolution…Trump is a force of nature.  He is an unabashed nationalist, he believes in America in terms of sovereignty and American power.”

Mr. Stone continues, “I have concluded that…he is more than happy to recognize that Wall Street will play both sides of the street.  That they’ll fund Hillary at the same time they fund Trump.  Trump is, above all, a businessman.  He would be foolish to turn down that money.  But, given that I have known him for forty years, anybody who thinks that Donald Trump can be bought is kidding themselves.  He is his own man, his views have been set for thirty years on trade, on immigration, on our absurd fiscal policies.  He is still absolutely, I think, in the camp of those who recognize that the country needs radical reform and you’re not going to get it from the current two party leadership.”

Asked about his views on the Never Trump movement and the fact that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has stated that he isn’t ready to support Donald Trump, Roger Stone offers his unique inside intelligence:  “The smart people in the Republican party have recognized the millions who are coming to our banner.  There have been nine million people who have voted for Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.  That is the largest number of voters ever garnered by any Republican nominee for president in history, including the great Ronald Reagan.”

“This is a groundswell and I think it is interesting that Speaker Ryan allows today that he may not support Trump.  The manifestation of that, which I can report directly, is that there is an insurrection today in the House among the backbenchers who want to support Trump, who are trying to figure out what’s wrong with their leader.  Trump was fielding phone calls from Congressmen all morning who are coming on board, who want Trump to visit their district and their states.”

Apparently, Paul Ryan and the branch of the Republican party leadership that he represents – the Wall Street, K Street globalist cabal populated by professional political sponges  – are intimidated and fear that the  party is being taken over by Trump’s populist nationalism.

Good.  They should be, because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Back to the interview:

“One major plus…is George Bush 43 and George Bush 41 announcing that they will not support Trump.  This I view as a major plus.  Those are two failed presidencies.  George W. Bush crashed our economy and wasted money and blood on a pointless war.”

When Stone was asked what to look for in the coming weeks and months, he had this to say:roger stone 920x920

“First, let’s talk about the convention because I have been contacted by many patriots who are saying, ‘are you sure we should stand down?  Are you sure we aren’t going to be subject to some sneak attack by Ted Cruz and his Bush family patrons:  Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Paul Singer and the rest of them?'”

Roger Stone believes that we should not stand down.  Soros and his minions will still be very active, staging protests and negative opposition.  Trump supporters should come to Cleveland in huge, overwhelming numbers for peaceful gatherings to promote a unified citizenry.

Mr. Stone continues, “I spoke to the organizers of what was going to be the Stop The Steal rally, which is now going to become a Unity & Victory rally.  They are very excited about [Alex Jones speaking in Cleveland].  There’s no evidence that the groundswell of people coming to Cleveland has been abated.”

Stone states, ” it’s important to show up and turn out.  Let’s take nothing for granted.  Now, I do think, based on meetings I was in today, that the key committees of the convention, rules, credentials, platform, are going to fall into the hands of the Trump operation.  I think it gets harder and harder to pull some backroom steal.  The platform now becomes more important because we want that to be a nationalist document that reflects the views of Donald Trump, not a neo-con document that represents the failed policies of the Bushes.

As for the general election going forward, Stone offered this insight:

“Hillary has a well funded machine, she’s drowning in Soros money, illegal money, and Trump is running a completely grassroots campaign that, you know, he’s funded out of his own wallet.  So they must very quickly ramp up the financing operation.  Now there’s even more news about this group, the Great America Super PAC and I want to warn potential donors that this PAC is a scam…Jesse Benton, former aide to Rand Paul and Ron Paul, was convicted of bribery in Iowa for bribing voters, bribing elected officials.

Ed Rollins, who recently signed on, his daytime job is working for Teneo.  Teneo is the Bill & Hillary connected lobbying firm run by Doug Band, who is essentially Bill Clinton’s bag man.  The chairwoman of this organization, the Great America PAC, Amy Kremer resigned today over what she said were financial shenanigans.”

Over the past ten months, ever since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, supporters have asked the same question: what can we do to help?  Since Trump has run the most unconventional campaign in American history, it’s been unclear what average people can do to support the candidate aside from showing up to attend rallies and to vote for him in the primaries.

Roger Stone addresses this issue:

“Well, it remains to be seen.  He did an interview this morning [Friday, May 6th] where he conceded that Super PAC’s are a necessary evil and that he has a lot of people out there who want to support him and he really can’t tell them what to do.  To me that means that individual citizens need to move forward and act.”

Stand with Donald Trump and Make America Great Again!

Will the vast amounts of donor cash  –  Wall Street, K Street – be too much of a temptation for even Donald Trump to resist the tyranny of it’s siren call?

Will the unending resource of Super PAC money turn Trump’s head or will he remain rock solid in his commitment to do the right things for Americans?


Donald Trump and Roger Stone

“Rock solid, rock solid,”  Mr. Stone says of the Republican party’s presumptive nominee. “Donald Trump is not going to abandon Trumpism.  Anybody on Wall Street who thinks that Trump can be bought or bullied is wrong.”

The mainstream media is pounding away at the message that Trump is too unfavorable with women and minorities, as if the polling done six months out from election day has any basis in predicting the ultimate outcome.

“It’s interesting that new polling this week I’ve looked at shows that the gap between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – just within the last week – has closed to single digits. So the mainstream media claimed that Trump is hopelessly behind, he can’t possibly make up this ground.  That is entirely false,” Stone explains.

Supporters of Trump, patriots, free thinkers, don’t be daunted by these poll numbers.  Trump is well in range and he’s gained substantially since the Indiana primary.   I’m more bullish than ever and here’s the things I like: the polling that I have looked at – Trump is running substantially ahead where Romney and McCain ran with African Americans… I don’t think we have to worry about [Trump attacking Hillary to make her crumble] whatsoever.  He understands her great vulnerabilities, her abuse of women, her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State, the fiasco in Benghazi, the entire deposing of Gaddafi in Libya, and then there’s the Clinton Foundation, a slush fund for grifters.”

Despite the full throated corporate media  support for Hillary, some of whom would tell us that the former Secretary isn’t even under investigation, rest assured that none of her history escapes Trump’s cognizance in crafting his general election strategy against Hillary Clinton.

Roger Stone put it this way:

“No, I think justice is going to be served one way or another and that’s a steamer trunk on her back.  Let me just say this – Trump completely understands her vulnerabilities, he knows that he has got an embarrassment of riches when it comes to issues that he can raise about her past conduct , her integrity and her disastrous public record.”

“She is not going to know what hit her.”

Make your reservations, buy your ticket, get there early and save your spot.  The revolution is just getting started and you have an invitation for a front row seat to history in the making.

Let’s roll,  America!





Last Gasp Of A Dying Candidacy

Cruz Cliff c9d9f7a4-d7f6-485a-ba93-8c85ccd0a26a

The Cruz campaign has lost it’s footing and is headed down to the depths of irrelevance.

Ted Cruz Is Throwing Everything But The Kitchen Sink – Obvious Agenda Polls, Naming Carly Fiorina As VP, Governor Pence’s Sketchy ‘Endorsement’ –  At Indiana For A Last Attempt At A Relevant Political Career

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

During Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s so-called ‘powerful’ (Mark Levin’s words, not mine) endorsement of Ted Cruz,  Governor Pence – sounding pensive – said, “I particularly want to commend Donald Trump…and I’m particularly grateful to him for taking a strong stand for Hoosier jobs…” referring, of course, to Trump calling attention to the devastating news of Carrier air conditioners leaving Indiana for Mexico.  This also happens to be the latest incarnation of  Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina’s campaign, part of a $3.8 million media blitz aimed at Indiana.

Unfortunately for the Cruz/Fiorina camp, any mention of Carrier will only remind voters that it has been one of Donald Trump’s central talking points for many months.

Senator Cruz is trying anything and everything to boost his floundering bid for president, a goal he has talked about since his first days as a Princeton undergrad.

The fact that the senator’s only path to run for the office at this point is to hope that he can somehow get nominated on a second or third ballot at a contested convention is a testament to how disjointed and even bizarre his efforts to remain relevant now seem.

Newt Gingrich had this to say upon the naming of Carly Fiorina as the VP pick:

Out of touch, flailing for attention, attempting to lessen his creep factor with women…  CNN wrote an article saying that Cruz had an Indiana plan: Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

Seems like that is exactly what we are seeing now.  The CNN story goes on: “The surreal elevation of Carly Fiorina to his presidential ticket on Wednesday was the latest sign of Cruz’s increasingly narrow path to the Republican nomination, a campaign that is depending on a series of desperate attempts to widen it ever so slightly. Cruz’s campaign is throwing a variety of messages against the wall here, hoping something will stick.”

Indeed, Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent published a delirious piece about a brand new poll from Down Center Polling, citing that 400 Republican voters (with an almost 5% MOE) over an almost two week span favored Cruz by 15 points!  “The volatility of the electorate means all campaigns should view these results cautiously,” pollster Andrew Downs said in a statement. What is the Downs Center?  Well, if you google it, you find that Andrew Downs is a professor at Purdue University who does political polling every four years.  Or so.  There has been no actual access to the polling data in order to ascertain the methodology and the actual questions asked.  Just bottom line numbers published in local newspapers, The Hill and, of course, Erickson’s web rag.

“There’s a lot of pessimism seeping in.  Psychologically, I think he does have to win Indiana.” said Erickson, a close friend of the Cruz campaign and a leading proponent of ‘never Trump.’

The Downs poll is at the very least an outlier and at worst a propaganda poll.  The people of Indiana should be angry because of the sheer, unmitigated condescension of the professional political elites towards them.  Basketball rings.  Sheesh.


“Cruz & Kasich are holding hands now…driving off their own cliff” -John Kass, Chicago Tribune

John Kass of the Chicago Tribune wrote about the recent Cruz/Kasich partnership and compared it to a famous buddy movie he never wanted to see: “I can easily avoid “Thelma and Louise,” but who can ignore Ted and John? Cruz and Kasich are holding hands now, too, and driving off their own cliff in their awkward noncompetitive alliance to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination.”

Since Ted Cruz announced on April 27th that he had selected Carly Fiorina – another failed presidential candidate (whose campaign received $500,000 last year from a Cruz Super PAC) – who else but the biggest failed presidential candidate, low energy Jeb Bush, praised the decision.  On CNN, Jeb! told Jamie Gangel: “I’m impressed with her. Picking a candidate that is talented, tough — she takes on Trump really well, I think, and she takes on Hillary Clinton very well, as well. (She’s) someone who’s got a proven record, who’s been vetted by a candidate, I thought it was a smart move.”

“Vetted by a candidate.”  Interesting choice of words there, Jeb.  She was also vetted by voters and they rejected her.  No mention of that, “please clap.”

Could the $500,000 that Keep The Promise 2 gave Ms. Fiorina have something to do with the fact that Carly’s deputy campaign manager, Sarah Isgur Flores, was depicted as one of Senator Cruz’ former conquests in the notorious National Enquirer exposé?   Inquiring minds want to know.

However, according to a story at Conservative Treehouse, billionaire Cruz backer Robert Mercer is behind Fiorina as well:


Senator Ted Cruz presidential bid: does he know it’s all over?

“….The fact that Mercer owes the IRS between $6 and $10 billion, and is in a legal dispute over payment,… in connection with Mercer setting up the Keep the Promise (KtP) Super-PAC before turning it over to David Barton (Glenn Beck affiliate),…. and then Mercer giving Carly Fiorina the start up money from KtP to begin Carly for America,… and then Mercer purchasing the Data Analytics for Ted Cruz,….. and then Mercer buying influential interest in the Breitbart website to the benefit of Cruz….. All gives the brutally obvious motive of a quid-pro-quo.

Robert Mercer spends $100 million to get Ted Cruz the White House; Ted Cruz then turns around and leverages a better IRS result for Robert Mercer.

One of Cruz’s primary campaign points is the elimination of the IRS and the imposition of a flat tax. If successful, that would save Mercer $6 to $10 billion.”

Things that make you go, “hmmm…”

Expect to hear about voting irregularities on Tuesday May 3rd in the Indiana Primary.

Cruz & Company are desperate and the polling done by Professor Downs at Purdue University is being cited all over social media as proof that Cruz can beat Donald Trump in the state.  No matter that Real Clear Politics has had Trump’s average lead over Ted Cruz in Indiana at between 6 – 9 points for over two weeks. Internal polling has Trump’s lead in double digits.

Expect televised results to be delayed if Trump’s numbers are better than expected because the corporate media is used for maximum effect to blunt any good news for Americans and to lessen the  significance of victory for the businessman and his supporters.

Ted Cruz was not expected to lose so profoundly in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.  Coincidentally there were no reports of voting irregularities in those states where Trump won landslide victories on April 26th.






Harley Davidson: Slumdog Millionaires

Harley Davidson, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Carrier-United Technologies Are Among the Thousands of Businesses Moving Factories Outside the United States For Lower Payroll Costs, Taxes & Access to International Markets.

What About America?

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

Harley Davidson wanted to break into the one billion plus market in India.  Unfortunately for HD, India has protectionist trade regulations.  If you are a company that wants access to their market, you must build your products in-country. What a concept. Apparently, Harley is still manufacturing parts in the USA so that they can claim their bikes are ‘made in America’ – for the time being, anyway.   Harley Davidson is conducting an experiment in globalism, having opened fifteen dealerships and a plant in India back in 2011.  Importing motorcycles from America to India involves a 100% tariff, so in order to break into the domestic market, they build the product in India with U.S. imported parts.  Technically made in India with parts made in the United States.  Plans are suspected to be in the works to eventually move all operations out of America.

All thanks to Congressman Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.  According to

The Street motorcycles being sold in the U.S. will be manufactured in the Milwaukee-based company’s Kansas City facility, Wandell said. The Street bikes for international riders will be made in the company’s Bawal, India, plant that opened in 2011.

Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) currently assembles motorcycles in India and Brazil to avoid tariffs, but the parts are made in America and shipped as a kit to those countries. 

From The Treehouse:Harley rider in India zrtn_001n347ea034_tn

…build [Harley Davidson motorcycles] in India and export from India and the tariffs are avoided upon arrival.

How does this help the U.S. manufacturing of Harley Davidson?  How does this help jobs here in the U.S.?  How does this help the U.S. factory worker?

It doesn’t.

But the corporate side (Wall Street / NYSE “HOG”) books of Harley Davidson look great.

See how that works?

In essence, Harley USA will build Harley’s for the USA (disclaimer: “for now”), and Harley in India will build for most the rest of the world.   They are still in the working-out-the-kinks-process part of the global plan, but it is a plan being executed. (Emphasis added)

It’s not just the all-American Hog leaving us.  And it’s not just the leaving.  Boeing wants to sell it’s high end, technologically superior airplanes to China.  China’s trade policies require that Boeing build the planes in their country.  See a pattern?  Every other nation in the world is allowed to practice protectionism except the U.S.A.  We invited the hollowing out of American industries with disastrous agreements like NAFTA and TPP and anti-Constitutional World Trade Organization regulations.

The furor over whether Donald Trump’s ties and Ivanka’s scarves were made in China highlights the absolute gutting of our textile industry in America.  If you are an entrepreneur looking to start a clothing line, good luck finding anything but t-shirt fabric made in America.  There are few alternatives available in this country and most would likely contract their product from India’s neighbor, Bangladesh. Or China and Viet Nam. Or  Mexico and South America.  There are very few fabric or clothing factories in the United States anymore.  Those few that still exist are usually small, specialty companies.

The problem goes further than the fact that our American companies are forced to build plants and factories in other countries.  Once the manufacturing is on their home turf, the host country steals the technology and patents.  It’s the theft of decades of investment and innovation worth billions of dollars to our American companies.


Once the theft occurs in China, they kick the company and its products out and then start producing their own version for a fraction of the price.  Basically, Boeing is participating in it’s own demise by moving factories overseas.

According to the 2013 Intellectual Property Commission report:

The Impact of International IP Theft on the American Economy

Hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The annual losses are likely to be comparable to the current annual level of U.S. exports to Asia—over $300 billion. The exact figure is unknowable, but private and governmental studies tend to understate the impacts due to inadequacies in data or scope. The members of the Commission agree with the assessment by the Commander of the United States Cyber Command and Director of the National Security Agency, General Keith Alexander, that the ongoing theft of IP is “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

Millions of jobs If IP were to receive the same protection overseas that it does here, the American economy would add millions of jobs.

A drag on U.S. GDP growth  Better protection of IP would encourage significantly more R&D investment and economic growth.

Innovation The incentive to innovate drives productivity growth and the advancements that improve the quality of life. The threat of IP theft diminishes that incentive.

Long Supply Chains Pose a Major Challenge

Stolen IP represents a subsidy to foreign suppliers that do not have to bear the costs of developing or licensing it. In China, where many overseas supply chains extend, even ethical multinational companies frequently procure counterfeit items or items whose manufacture benefits from stolen IP, including proprietary business processes, counterfeited machine tools, pirated software, etc.

Three Hundred Billion Dollars annually.  Lost to theft of intellectual property, the lifeblood of business and entrepreneurialism in America.  Stolen after decades of hard work and imagination.  And our government does nothing except warn us of trade wars and higher prices, making isolationism charges against anyone who protests.

 Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” says that if Donald Trump were to become president, he would not be able to start a trade war with China. That’s because the Chinese have already been targeting American businesses, according to Chang on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Send Chocolate Mother's Day
“People say he would start a trade war. Well, no matter what The Donald does he can’t start a trade war because we’re already in a trade war with China. But only they are waging it. The question is how do we end it on terms not only advantageous to the United States but also to the international community.” (Emphasis added)

Chang said tariffs on Chinese exports to the U.S. might have to be on the table. “All choices are really bad.”  The only worse choice is what we’re doing now: nothing.

“China is stealing intellectual property from the United States,” he said, pointing to the 2013 IP Commission Report. “The dimension of that is somewhere maybe $200 billion to $300 billion a year. That is a war in a sense.”

Ford has several plants in Mexico and are opening new ones almost every year.  Thousands of jobs for Mexicans, millions of dollars of investment in Mexico, millions more in their tax base. Where does that benefit Americans?  It doesn’t.

Although reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank was finally signed late last year by President Obama – remember Ted Cruz said he flip flopped his support of the Fast Track/Trans Pacific Partnership (after it had more than enough votes, and was a bill that he co-authored with Paul Ryan) as a result of Mitch McConnell’s infamous ‘lie’ –  one of the biggest reasons manufacturers like Boeing and Ford move to other countries is that it’s easier and cheaper to produce (lower wages and taxes along with fewer restrictions or regulations on business) and more and more nations require products be made domestically in order to take advantage of their markets. Shop Now 234x60

During Sarah Palin’s recent speech in Wisconsin, she pinpointed the problems that President Reagan faced with unfair trade practices by Japan:

Wisconsin, Reagan saved the Hog here. Your Harley Davidson. That was Reagan who saved that. He saved it with a forty five percent tariff that he put on Japanese motorcycles to combat their cheating. He also saved the semiconductor industry with a hundred percent tariff. Shoot, let’s learn from Reagan. Or what, in the establishment they’re going to start a hashtag movement, a hashtag #NeverReagan? They don’t like that.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, along with the local Sikh enthusiasts will soon join India’s Spice Coast Motorcycle Clubs, riding their very own Hindustan Davidson motorcycles.  Ride to Live, Live to Ride but definitely NOT built only in America anymore.

Sarah Palin: B-2 Truth Bomber

Sarah Palin WI 56ff38488d1ed.imageSarah’s Little Publicized Recent Speech in Wisconsin – Full of Inconvenient & Heartbreaking Truths

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

A recent Milwaukee GOP fundraising event featured Sarah Palin as keynote speaker, much to the chagrin of party insiders in the audience who sat silent and uncomfortable while Sarah talked about the reality of life for their constituents in the state.

The speech is a fairly long read but well worth the time because she points out all of the failures and misrepresentations of Senator Ted Cruz and the current Republican party leadership. Links are provided to back up Governor Palin’s references on immigration, trade, foreign policy and military strength.

Here is a transcription of Governor Sarah Palin’s April 1st remarks, speaking in Milwaukee at a Wisconsin Republican party fundraiser:

“Wisconsin, you deserve the best, and what you’re getting right now from the federal government is not the best. Here in Wisconsin, your middle class has been harmed, probably more than any other state in the union, because of federal policies that just don’t make sense and really have shrunk the middle class. Here, more than anywhere else.

I want to talk about three core issues that need to be addressed and I think Donald Trump is the one to tackle these issues and succeed in growing again and prospering your middle class, the three core issues that the political class in DC pursues its own interests about, at the expense of our own country, really betraying all of us.


Milwaukee GOP fundraising event featuring keynote speaker Governor Sarah Palin

These, though, are the same GOP folks who don’t see the GOP so much as an expression of the people’s will, but more as an ATM for their own wallets. They’re really shaken up right now, they kind of don’t know what to do about the Trump Train, about the momentum, the movement, of outsiders, independents, GOP participants who are really fed up with politics as usual. They don’t know what to do about it. They’re shaken up and this awesome awakening, the shifting and sifting, the exposing of this rabid bite for them to hold on to any kind of relevancy, and to hang on to their gravy train. It’s leading now to a very healthy cleansing of the body politic, to heal the body politic and is to save our nation.

See, the Wall Street connected , the crony capitalists, they don’t suffer. They profit with open borders. They don’t suffer, they profit when jobs are shipped offshore. They don’t suffer, but they profit when consultants and lobbyists push reckless foreign policies that cost us treasure and, more importantly, they cost us the blood of our finest, America’s sons and daughters in uniform.

The establishment’s interests runs counter to the interests of the people. And it runs counter to common sense, which I swear, common sense is an endangered species in Washington.

Consider these three policy issues. First, immigration. We’ve admitted more immigrants than any other country on earth, four times as many. Forty-three million now. More and more crossing the border every single day. Well, with Washington now mismanaging our money and the burdens put upon the private sector, stifling opportunity, this uncontrolled immigration has so destabilized the middle class, and that massive crowding at the low end of the wage scale, it kicked away the ladder to income stability, suffocated wages and it really surged the number of people who aren’t working. And sure, the corporate shills who are funding today’s secretive, pro establishment, mind boggling hundred million dollar Super PAC’s, they love the open borders and the wrong headed visa programs and those that flood the market with more foreign workers. But really, it is a disaster for We the People.

Donald Trump is the only one who really understands this reality. He’s the only one who creates the private sector jobs and balances budgets and builds things, builds big things. And he has forced candidates to finally own up to their actual support of, and participation in, perpetuating the problem of the immigration issues that we’re facing. The other candidates didn’t want to talk about it, but Trump made them.


Senator Ted Cruz unloads boxes of teddy bears and soccer balls for illegal alien children.

Now, because he beat the media on that issue, they like to let their chosen one – or chosen one’s – get away with not really answering questions about their betrayals. But knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates, “what the heck are you thinking, candidates? What are you thinking when you go ahead and you’re actually asking for more immigrants, even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing them with gift baskets? Come on over the border and there’s a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls. What are you thinking? It’s just inviting more.”

Yeah, candidates can say anything they want to about immigration, amnesty, but actions scream so much louder than a politician’s words. Take the Gang of Eight bill to increase foreign workers by five hundred percent and green cards increase by two hundred percent. Who offered the amendments for that to further collapse U.S. incomes, jobs and security? Which candidate?

Second messed up policy I want to talk about is trade. The loss of our industry jobs represents one of the greatest betrayals of the working people in the history of modern civilization. And it’s for shame, politicians. They know who they are, who have been a part of this problem. We HAD the greatest manufacturing sector known to man. Well, it was dismantled and shipped overseas right under our noses because of political incompetence, corruption and nonsensical ideology.

A third of our manufacturing jobs – a third of them! – they disappeared after two major policies: NAFTA, and then China entering the World Trade Organization. Our trade treaties… today they’re not even enforced. They’re kind of a joke around the globe. Trading partners like China, they’re contractually banned from unfairly subsidizing products. They do it anyway! And they laugh all the way to the bank. Their cheating tactic is currency manipulation. And we can’t compete when their central bank devalue their currency. Trump is the only one hot on this because he’s the only one who understands the art of the deal. Our partners’ cheating is how our middle class disappears.

The trade ideologues, they say, “well, we can’t respond to cheating, we’re going to scare people, start talking about threats of trade wars!” Wisconsin, theses are the voices responsible for trade surrender. They say, “we can’t enforce the rules because then, that trinket made in China, maybe is going to cost a penny more!” Well, if a country or a company cheats us, they’re pretending, “what the heck, we’re going to pretend it doesn’t happen, we’re going to lose jobs!”

Ultimately, though, what happens then is we lose the American work ethic that built this most exceptional nation. Politicians create a people then dependent on government and grow government control over the people. It’s a very warped and dangerous road that politicians have put us on. Because, where we’re headed with trade, it’s going to fundamentally transform America into something that we don’t recognize. And our kids, and our grandkids, they’ll never know then what it is to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial that God creates within us, in order to work and produce and to strive and thrive and really be alive in the greatest country on earth.

I thank God that Donald Trump gets it, because he lives it. He suceeds because he knows the art of the deal, and we root him on because he roots us on. He wants that same success for our kids and for our grandkids. Look, the ideology of trade surrender, it’s not conservative. It’s radical.

Who’s the biggest proponent of this? What candidate helped Obama pass his trade bill, TPP? And actually removed the hurdles for fast tracking? That’s TPA. And actually, purposefully, has opened the door for China and Russia to come on in and join TPP with zero congressional consult? Who opposed a crackdown on currency cheating? Who kind of freaks out now and is against putting any tariffs on these trinkets and goods? Now, you have to ask yourself: who is this? Well, it’s not someone who understands Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan pushed trade enforcement harder than any president in our lifetime.

Harley Davidson India

Harley Davidson opened factory in India 2011 to comply with Indian trade policy limiting market to domestically manufactured items only.

Wisconsin, Reagan saved the Hog here. Your Harley Davidson. That was Reagan who saved that. He saved it with a forty five percent tariff that he put on Japanese motorcycles to combat their cheating. He also saved the semiconductor industry with a hundred percent tariff. Shoot, let’s learn from Reagan. Or what, in the establishment they’re going to start a hashtag movement, a hashtag #NeverReagan? They don’t like that.

Well, every country knows now that there’s no consequence for their cheating. So now they’re finding more aggressive ways to really screw us. And to kill American opportunity. Like our steel towns.

Tragically, they’ve been hollowed out and the world has not stopped using steel, no it’s needed more than ever today. But, the industry died here because D.C., our politicians, they allowed foreign governments to target our businesses for extinction. They let it happen.

Trump sees that we’re the only country that doesn’t defend it’s own economic interests and he has said, “enough! We’re bringing the jobs back home.” He says, “we’re rebuilding America. We’re putting America back to work.” So remember, when a candidate says, “look now. We don’t want to do anything to increase an import.” What he’s really saying is he is A-ok with cheating. And maybe it’s kind of awesome to him to let them rip us off. Because maybe he’s got his.

Finally, our third issue. Foreign policy and military might. Our freedom should be the GOP’s number one priority. Only one candidate left standing, though, knows that military superiority is to protect our interests and not just piecemeal together some reckless nation building scheme overseas. Our military might, protecting our interests, is what keeps us free.


ISIS murders innocent people in submerging cage.

The threat of our time is that unwavering and horrid Islamic belief that we, peace loving, generous Americans, that we are the infidels and that we must die. Well, only Trump talks rationally about listening to top brass as president and hiring the best of the best to work alongside our Commander in Chief to work with those who share our interests to stopping the Islamic threat by defeating ISIS overseas with strong, strong military strikes. And until intelligent ops and spurring allies to get more engaged and at the same time to keep extremists from using our porous borders that are purposefully left open – using those borders and visa system – let them come here where they will recruit to unleash terror here. And it’s not something to laugh at, friends.

Well, that’s just more of that common sense stuff, though, that I guess, in campaigns nowadays, only those independent of big donors demands get to exercise. Hey there’s a reason that big money, open borders and radical special interests are so madly anti Trump. Think about it. His positions, they’re not radically anti GOP platform positions at all.

But they’re radically anti Trump, these folks are, and they’re lining up behind the others because they know that nothing’s going to change unless an outsider, who the people support, gets in there.

bush clan

Neil Bush heads Ted Cruz campaign finance committee.  Pictured here with his father and brothers.

The same politicians support doing the same old policies that are trashing our economy and shipping out our jobs, letting us foot the bill for everyone else. Palling around with the same old politico insiders who betrayed us over and over again. Enough! You deserve better.

It’s funny, but not really, the same sanctimonious ones lecturing us about Mr. Trump’s tone are personally responsible for policies that actually cost American lives. And trillions of dollars. Well, enough is enough. Enough of the holier than thou lectures from those steering us into rocky shoals.

So, an America first policy and smart immigration, where we vet who’s actually coming ashore, so as not to invite trouble like evil recruits setting up shop here. That is the essence of the long term strategy to containing evil. That and respecting our red, white and blue, making our military second to none, caring for our troops, loving our vets, paying them what is due. Like their earned healthcare, physical, mental healthcare. And not pretending like tragedy doesn’t rage in our military community today.

trump with disabled vet

Disabled Veteran meets Donald Trump at fundraising event in Iowa.

Friends, twenty-two vets a day commit suicide. Twenty-two of America’s finest see no reason to keep on. Well, I don’t hear a lot of other candidate’s campaigns talking about our vets. But we are. Because we care. Their sacrifices will not be in vain. So we’ll elect a Commander in Chief who shares that and we will never, never leave our men and women behind.

And that’s why we go to the mat for the front runner and we won’t retreat. We’ll reload. We won’t retreat, though. And we’re willing to stand on the front lines even, because whatever it takes to defeat the one who DID leave our boys behind with no apology, just a flippant, “ah, Benghazi. What difference does it make?” THAT. That embodiment of all that is so, so wrong with what we’re really up against, Republicans.

And, what we’re really up against. Well, General George Patton, he said it best. He, leading the greatest generation, he said,”politicians are the lowest form of life on earth,” – he said it , I didn’t – and he said, “Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politicians.” So, remember what it will take to save our nation. Remember what it’s going to take. It’s all of us working together at the end of the line here, with God’s grace, we will be able to save the nation. And it’s going to take unity among patriots who love this country as much as we love our own families .

So yes, engage in vigorous, healthy competition. Be civil. Then vote. And I say vote for Donald J. Trump. And then unite to make America great again. And I thank you so much for your graciousness and allowing me to kind of crash your fish fry. Letting me come on in and speak my mind about the candidate who I’m supporting. I just thank you so much for believing in the planks of the Republican platform we know, that we know they are the planks that will build this great nation again. It will build us stronger, safer. It will save our sovereignty. So thank you so much for all of us united in that mission. God bless you, Wisconsin. Thank you very, very much.

Does Ted Cruz Have A Religion Problem?

Big ted cruz lecturn-1125x635Recent Articles Question Which Denomination Senator Cruz Belongs To And Whether It’s Too Extreme For A President

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

An article in the East Orlando Post entitled Ted Cruz: Closet Pentecostal  paints Ted Cruz in an unfavorable light because his family converted to the Baptist church when they lived in Houston, Texas in the late 1970’s.  The EO Post thinks Cruz is hiding that he is a Pentecostal because they imagine charismatic Christians writhing on the floor, speaking in tongues, and that’s not an image that Americans want tied to the Commander In Chief.

Whether or not Ted Cruz is a Southern Baptist (he and his wife Heidi attend Houston’s First Baptist Church), Dan Calabrese writes in Canada Free Press,   “I don’t know if Ted Cruz is actually Pentecostal or if he speaks in tongues, but if he does, I’m sure he’s not “closet” or secretive about it. And the fact that he belongs to a church that identifies as Baptist doesn’t mean he’s hiding anything. My church doesn’t have the word Pentecostal in the name either, but I’m no less Pentecostal. It’s not so much an official denomination as it is a way of identifying how you worship and how you are led by the Spirit.”

Much is also made of Senator Cruz’ connection to Dominionism, a branch of Christianity that in the past has been connected to previous presidential and vice presidential candidates.  Rafael Cruz, the candidate’s father, also referred to as the Traveling Evangelist, has campaigned for his son preaching the principles of the Seven Mountains theology and describing his son as an ‘anointed King’ leading the ‘end-time transfer of wealth’ from the wicked to the righteous.   Pastor Larry Hutch, of New Beginnings Church where Rafael conducted his sermon, stated that Cruz’ recent election to the U.S. Senate was a sign he was one of these kings.”

I don’t think Americans care which Christian faith Ted Cruz belongs to because  I think what we care about is whether or not he is sincere about it.  As someone who has made his faith a prominent feature of his campaign – I would argue the most prominent – is he being honest about whatever it is that he does believe?

Heidi Cruz is the daughter of Seventh Day Adventist missionary parents and grew up traveling the world with them.  Evangelical Protestants, the Church of Pentecost, have similar symbols, that resemble the Senators’ flame logo:

So what is Ted Cruz?  Pentecostal? Southern Baptist? Dominionist?  All are Protestant and the similarities probably outweigh the differences.  That’s why my question is about the sincerity of using his faith.

Glenn Beck says that Ted Cruz is fulfilling a Mormon prophecy.  Glenn Beck has made a fortune from Christian fans.  They may not know that his Mercury One charity participates in South American and Muslim refugee relief efforts and receives part of a government funding pie that totals in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  Uh huh.

According to Ted Cruz himself in 2013:  “I think anyone in politics — you’ve got a special obligation to avoid being a pharisee, to avoid ostentatiously wrapping yourself in your faith. Because I think in politics, it’s too easy for that to become a crutch, for that to be politically useful.”  So Cruz is conscious of hypocritically using religion as a tool to manipulate voters.  His major donor, Robert Mercer, owns Cambridge Analytics, the psy ops arm of his campaign.  His campaign has boasted about the fact that they use manipulative techniques to sway voters.

It seems as though Senator Cruz has viewed his faith as a marketing tool, as demonstrated today with the terrible terrorist attack in Brussels.  The highly publicized video of Cruz where his first comments mentioned the Mormon missionaries injured in Belgium bombing, on the same day as the Utah caucuses.  No mention of the entire family of military personnel in the intensive care unit.  To me it seemed pandering.  Cruz also ends every speech with a plea for voters to pray for ‘continued awakening.’

In June of last year, Ted Cruz told NPR that his opposition to gay marriage would be’ front and center’ in his 2016 campaign.

Last July, Cruz said the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage was ‘the very definition of tyranny.’

Then, in December of 2015 at a Manhattan fundraising event, attended by the very same people whom he later criticized for their ‘New York values,’ he was asked by a Republican gay rights donor if fighting gay marriage would be a ‘top three’ priority.  Senator Cruz can be heard on the secret recording saying,  “No,” answering that marriage is a state issue.

It surprised his Christian supporters.  It was the beginning of the end of my support for him.  It was disheartening that he had one answer for the public and his core evangelical, Conservative voters and another for the ‘New York values’ socially moderate donors.

It’s up to every citizen whether courting and using religious voters is an important consideration or whether he’s merely another pharisee politician wrapping himself in faith.

Time and research cost money.  I am a volunteer grassroots citizen journalist and mother providing for my family.  If you like my writing and want to support the work and passion that I bring to the effort, please contribute to my PayPal account, managed by my technologically proficient son, Justin.  Thank you!

Will Republicans Pledge For Ted?

Nixon Supporters At RNC

View of a man dressed as Uncle Sam, entertaining a crowd holding Nixon signs at the 29th Republican National Convention in Miami, Florida, August 5-8, 1968. (Photo by Declan Haun/Chicago History Museum/Getty Images)

Winner In 8 State Caucuses & Primaries, Debate Winner (By Some Accounts) – Will Cruz Win Party Allegiance?

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

As we have seen over the past seven and a half months, Ted Cruz has shown how he earned the title of debate champion.  Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin discuss at length after every Republican Presidential Debate how there was no comparison to any other candidate on the stage.  Many of their comments pointed out that Cruz actually answered questions in intelligent, detailed points.

And over the past month and a half, we have seen Senator Cruz win eight victories in mostly caucus states, but there were a few primaries in there, too.  Of course his most impressive win was Texas, his home state.  It was not always a given that he would win, but he pulled it off after a difficult fight.

He has campaigned hard, traveled far and wide with some of the most battle tested advisers and consultants in the country.  They have planned and strategized since December 2014, with highly successful fund raising drives and a ground game that uses the best experts and technology in the world.

There’s just one problem. Donald Trump has won twenty states.

I hear from many Cruz fans who argue that, despite Donald Trump’s massive rallies of up to 35,000 supporters, and his popularity with Republicans, Independents, Democrats, evangelicals, Blacks, Latinos, women, union workers, blue collar workers, main street business owners, veterans, active duty military, law enforcement, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and atheists, he can’t win against Hillary Clinton in a general election.

They tell me he supports Obamacare and abortion.  He’s a racist and Islamophobe,  and he will take away our second amendment rights.  I’m told that Donald Trump is not a serious candidate but instead a stealth Democrat and Liberal who will go through the motions to get nominated and then hand the election over to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter.  They are old friends, you know.  I’ve been informed that he only decided to run for president after a phone call last summer from Bill Clinton, who apparently gave Trump the ‘go ahead’ order.  I imagine it went something like this (insert President Clinton impression): “Donald, it’s Bill. The hen is in the nest.  I repeat: the hen is in the nest…her big, fat, ugly butt is in the damn nest.  Over and out.”

Unfortunately (for them, not me) the uncompromising ‘Conservatives’ cannot see what is in front of them.  I’m not talking about busy, somewhat disengaged people who are honestly uninformed.  I’m directing my sights at close minded, intellectually dishonest people who are emotionally bound (well…hog tied) to Ted Cruz and his proselytizing speeches,  warning us of fire and brimstone raining down upon the unbelievers if they don’t vote for the one and only true consistent Conservative Christian Constitutionalist in all the land!

I wish I had a better answer for you, but the presidential election takes place in the real world.  Not in Twitter or Facebook or even in the comments section of Detonite News. There is no substitute for reality.  Donald Trump will be President of the United States of America.  Not Ted Cruz.

But Donald Trump was doing business with George Soros!  He’s a rich, greedy opportunist who doesn’t care what he has to do to make a buck and has been buying political favors and influence!  Just like the vile Soros.  See Donald Trump vs. George Soros.

Ok, here it is, folks. The things you will never hear from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin because they have contracts worth tens of millions of dollars that are owned by Mitt Romney.

The people of America don’t go to Trump rallies to hear detailed policy positions.  Those things are posted on his website.

Nobody cares about Ted Cruz’ proselytizing, sleep inducing debate team virtuosity.

Donald Trump has been in the public eye for forty years. He was for abortion before he was against it.  So were a lot of us.  Ever met a Pro Life supporter who’s life and heart was changed after having faced an abortion herself?  They speak most eloquently and authoritatively on the issue.  They change other people’s minds.  That’s the type of person who turned Donald Trump Pro Life.  

Trump supported Liberal Democrats.  Well, so did many other people who have since been dedicated Conservatives. Good for you if your business doesn’t depend on working with politicians.

The Progressive Left have hijacked our culture by steadily feeding us a diet of politically correct media and education. The young are particularly vulnerable to conform to that narrative.  Guess what?  Donald Trump is on the front lines, taking the flak and tearing down the Political Correctness that has become so insidious that some kids unknowingly subscribe to it’s dogma.  It’s all going up in flames, thanks to no one else but Trump.

Mitt Romney is voting for Ted Cruz in the Utah primary on Tuesday.  Lindsay Graham is not only endorsing Ted Cruz, he’s actively campaigning for him.  Neil Bush, who cost taxpayers billions of dollars, is head of the Cruz campaign finances.  Reportedly, Mitch McConnell is waiting in the wings for an apology. “The establishment is coming to me, not the other way around,” says Senator Cruz as if we’re supposed to think there is any difference whatsoever.

If somehow Ted Cruz was actually elected president, his Senate colleagues would work against him and his only accomplishments would be Executive Orders.

But don’t listen to me.  In fact, please disregard all of the above.  None of it matters (to me, not you) anyway.  People see what they want to see, despite the obvious.

If you still can’t bring yourself to pull the lever for Trump and think that your steadfast convictions will make you sleep better at night, go ahead.

Cruz will win in Utah on Tuesday, he’s got polling big enough at 53%.  It’s Utah.  However, nothing surprises anymore as Smartmatic Group, an ‘electronic voting firm’ in the United Kingdom is in charge of online balloting in the Utah caucuses.  The chairman of Smartmatic Group is close friend and business associate with…

George Soros.  Who would Hillary Clinton love to run against because it would be a slam dunk?..Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz couldn’t win the bible belt and he can’t win the country.

I predict that in June and July it will be revealed just how extensive the conspiracy of stealth software/hardware vote fraud was in the primaries and caucuses. Not to mention the eyewitness testimony of violations waiting in the wings.  The evidence may not be made public because the parties involved in ripping off the will of the people will be presented a choice:  Keep your sticky fingers out of the convention and let the voters prevail.  Or face the evidence before an enraged electorate and watch the unraveling of vast, deep and wide cheating as your ball game is permanently called on account of corruption.

In case you haven’t noticed in the last eight months, this election cycle is different.





Mariana Islands: Game Over…Maybe


Saipan, North Mariana Islands

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

Today, the country woke to find that a tiny group of islands on the other side of the world and dateline had marked a threshold in the Republican primary cycle.

Little North Mariana Islands, over near Fiji and Australia, site of the famous World War II battle of Saipan – U.S. Marines taking the beachhead and meeting terrible enemy resistance is a parallel to the fight now going on for America that is literally breathtaking  – is a victory for Donald Trump’s campaign that is receiving little notice today.

Republican National Committee Rule #40 changed in 2014 from previously five needed state wins, to a newer threshold of eight (8):

Officially, it’s Rule 40 in the RNC handbook and it states that any candidate for president “shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight (8) or more states” before their name is presented for nomination at the national convention.

By the way, territories count as states according to Rule 1.

Although Donald Trump has won in New Hampshire, Nevada, Arkansas, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Michigan — he had only a plurality of delegates.

Today made it official that Mr. Trump has satisfied his own party rules for nomination by winning Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Northern Mariana Islands, South Carolina and Tennessee with a majority of delegates.

HOWEVER…never let it be said that the RNC ever made anything easy for the Trump campaign or his millions of supporters.  It is not enough that he has won the majority of delegates in eight states – the last being the nine won outright last night across the dateline – shenanigans are brewing because, well, when did they not?  Have you heard of this milestone on the mainstream media today?  Other than a mere mention or an article in the Washington Post, nope. Nada.

RNC former counsel and establishment gofer Ben Ginsberg  – who is responsible in large part for the 2014 party rule changes meant to limit an insurgent, grassroots candidate, i.e. anyone other than Jeb Bush (at the time the rules were written) and now Mitt Romney – said last week that “Rule 40 is not a hard-and-fast rule for the convention. The convention will have a Rules Committee in which 112 representatives will battle over the final guidelines for eligibility to receive the nomination. Rule 40’s eight-state boundary could become 25 states or two states.”

How convenient.

In an article today by Philip Bump at the Washington Post, the whole of the primary cycle could be thrown out  by party elites.  If they want to invite the fury of the American electorate, that is.  Bump explains:

“Think of it like an NFL game. As the clock runs out on the voting, we think we know the winner. But before a winner is announced, the referees get to discuss how the rules will be applied. Maybe they decide that what constitutes winning is “most yardage gained by passing” — but that one of the team’s quarterbacks is ineligible for consideration. It’s a ridiculous example, but it’s not entirely inaccurate: The Rules Committee could make the nomination rules into nearly anything they wish.”

Saipan+Group+Shot+by+Sgt+Theo+Hios+1200As in World War II, the little islands that proved so crucially important in beginning to take down the imperialist tyrants waging war in the Pacific theater, our territorial compatriots have done their duty and turned in a victory and hit a milestone in the 2016 Presidential election.

On July 9, 1944 the U.S. flag was raised in victory over Saipan.   On July 18, 2016 the flag will be raised in Cleveland, Ohio at the Republican National Convention.


The loss of Saipan stunned the political establishment in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. Political leaders came to understand the devastating power of the long-range U.S. bombers. Furthermore, many of Saipan’s citizens were Japanese, and the loss of Saipan marked the first defeat in Japanese territory that had not been added during Japan’s aggressive expansion by invasion in 1941 and 1942. Worse still, General Hideki Tojo (1884-1948), Japan’s militaristic prime minister, had publicly promised that the United States would never take Saipan. He was forced to resign a week after the U.S. conquest of the island.

Remind you of anything?



Ballot Irregularities: Political Intrigue or Incompetence?

How Did Ted Cruz Get More Votes In Kansas Than All Four 2012 Candidates COMBINED?

There are reportedly 300 complaints of voter irregularities in Kansas and 600 in the Texas primary.   There are even rumblings of early votes being switched already in Florida!  Ohio is using an outdated and confusing ballot.  What is going on?

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

At face value, Ted Cruz brought in record numbers of voters to the Kansas Caucuses in the Super Saturday primary election.

Even though he was booed at CPAC.  Even though people walked out on his speech at CPAC.  Campaigning in Kansas, he pulled in record crowds of…a few  hundred.

In Texas on Super Tuesday #1, there were 600 reports of computer screens changing votes from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio.

Austin radio station KLBJ morning show host Todd Jeffries said in an interview with reporter Joe Biggs, “whether it’s a mistake because of equipment, operator error, the voter made a mistake…it wasn’t accurate.  It feels like we can pick an American Idol more accurately than we can a president.  And if people can’t trust the system, we can’t trust the process…it’s wrong.  If people can’t trust the election process then what the heck are we doing?  …It’s not fair, it’s not right…it fuels a lot of speculation and basic lack of trust in the system.”  KLBJ broadcast over a dozen calls from central Texas complaining about the ‘glitch’ on March 1st during the Texas primary.

The basic message here is to check your ballot and if it isn’t right, bring it to the attention of the people working in your precinct. But whether or not there was a software problem, questions about the authenticity of the election results still linger.

Texans are overwhelmingly (62%) Christian, with 25% White Evangelicals, which is a large part of Ted Cruz’ drawing power, but how does a candidate with historically limited appeal (proselytizing as an election strategy) and few real legislative accomplishments  (supports TPA construct before he’s against TPA construct?) garner 226% of Rick Santorum’s 2012 Kansas caucus votes?  Two Hundred Twenty Six Percent.  Is Ted Cruz really that popular?  Is he really the 2016 Bible Belt favorite, even though he lost in heavily evangelical states  Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia?

Senator Cruz’ numbers in the February 25th WFAA/Texas TEGNA poll hit a high of 32% (matching Trump’s 32%) in the days leading up to the caucus, with one outlier poll commissioned by CBS that had Cruz at 40%.  (This poll contains some strange dichotomies, as in the candidate with the best chance to win – whether or not it’s your choice –  is rated at 43% Donald Trump, only 29% Ted Cruz.  Most polling data matches the voters first choice candidate with ‘best chance to win’ data.  This one doesn’t.)  Senator Cruz was able to win by bringing in 15% more votes than 2012 Kansas Caucus votes combined for all candidates.  Here’s the breakdown:


KANSAS                        VOTES

Rick Santorum            15,521

Mitt Romney                6,346

Newt Gingrich              4,348

Ron Paul                          3,900

Total  2012:                    30,115



Ted Cruz                            35,207

Donald Trump                 17,062

Marco Rubio                     12,189

John Kasich                        7,795

Total 2016:                        72,253

That’s an astounding 42,138 more votes than 2012!  And a 42% increase over 2012 in voter turnout.

So what does all this mean?  Certainly, there is higher voter turnout in this Republican race than any before.  Whether or not there are suspicions of ballot malfeasance, all reports of ballot tampering are apparently being investigated by the Trump campaign.  This is to challenge delegate allocation at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer.

If there is proof that ballots have been tampered, the candidate contesting election results can challenge an opponents delegate awards in something called Credentials Committee.

If a campaign has compiled evidence – either witnesses, photo’s of tampered ballots, copies of complaints filed with local, state or federal officials – they are allowed to submit the information to the local and state party for consideration and presentation to the Secretary of the Republican National Committee.  All of this must be done on a timely basis to ensure that the contesting of delegates can be brought up in the proper manner at least thirty-five (35) days before the convention.

From the 2014 Amended Rules Of The Republican Party For 2016 Election here are some excerpts relating to proper and timely filing of contests:

Contest Procedure
(a) The Standing Committee on Contests shall govern the expeditious resolution of contests before the Standing Committee on Contests…
(b) No later than twenty-two (22) days before the convening of the national convention… within five (5) days after such election),each of the parties shall file with the secretary of the Republican National Committee at least three (3) printed or typewritten copies of the statement…

The RNC secretary is responsible for presenting the certified delegates at the convention, after all contested delegate disputes are resolved in the state parties at least five weeks before convening in Cleveland.

Convention Committee on Credentials
(a) When the national convention shall have assembled, the secretary of the Republican National Committee shall deliver to the Convention Committee on Credentials all credentials and other papers forwarded under Rule No. 20(c).
On Mini Tuesday’s primaries & caucuses, some internet blogs  asserted that the Microsoft balloting programs and voting machines were generally not interfered with because Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere was having an impact by informing the public of the suspected shenanigans.  Although there are some accounts of irregularities in Hawaii and Idaho, it was nowhere near the volume previously alleged.  As the primary season unfolds, the timeline tightens for contesting suspected election manipulation.
On Tuesday, March 15th, Ohio primary voters  will be struggling to understand the confusing language on the ballot.  Last year, the Buckeye State legislature voted to move the election from March 8th to take advantage of the 2014 national committee rule changes so that Ohio would become a ‘winner take all’ state.
As the Conservative Treehouse website outlined in it’s detailed analysis of the GOPe Roadmap, plans were implemented in January 2014 to assist unpopular Jeb Bush in acquiring the 2016 presidential nomination by making it virtually impossible for a grassroots candidate to win delegates after the March 8th proportional primary states ended.  All non establishment contenders would be neutralized.
But that was then, this is now, and Donald Trump has thrown a wrench in to the works.
While Ohio’s Democrat ballot has only three candidates for president listed, the Republican’s list eleven, including seven that have already dropped out. Not only that, but they are listed twice, once for state delegates and again for district delegates.  According to Matt Borges, Chairman of the Ohio state GOP, the ballots are leftovers from when the primary was to be held on the second Tuesday of March (proportional delegate allocation).
Fair enough, but what are Ohio voters supposed to do with an outdated and confusing ballot?  According to Chairman Borges, one vote in the first category will suffice. Unfortunately, the word has not filtered down to local election boards.  One Deputy Director that spoke to says you still get to vote twice and split your delegate selection!
This is a recipe for a litigation nightmare from disenfranchised voters who may feel that their vote wasn’t tallied properly or from one of the candidates who came up short on votes.  Either way, over 32,000 early ballots have already been cast in Ohio and confusion reigns supreme going in to the Tuesday election.
Trump’s campaign website has contact information posted to report suspected vote suppression, ballot tampering and voting machine irregularities. Freedom Watch has contact information and evidence gathering advice along with a description of the process involved in navigating the bureaucracy of notifying the proper authorities. The importance of reporting these alleged fraudulent activities in a timely manner is now growing as we get closer to the month before the Cleveland, Ohio Republican convention in July.





Nancy Reagan: Iconic American Woman


“Everything just fell into place with Ronnie and me. We completed each other.”

-Nancy Reagan

A Love Story That Spanned Over Five Decades,  Two Hollywood Careers,  A Two Term Presidency &  The Ravages Of Alzheimers Disease.

By Mary B. Blair @Skifflegirl

“Nancy Reagan was  an American woman who loved her county and her man.”  said a mourner who came to pay his respects at the Simi Valley, California, Reagan Library where the former First Lady worked tirelessly for the past twelve years, scheduling debates and other events at the sprawling complex where her beloved Ronnie is buried.

She will join him there later this week.

Mrs. Reagan started out in life in New York City as Anne Frances Robbins, nicknamed ‘Nancy,’ the daughter of a salesman and a stage actress.  Nancy was seven years old when she went to live with relatives after her father left the family and her mother was acting in traveling theater productions.  All of that changed when her mother remarried.  Loyle Davis was a wealthy neurosurgeon who adopted Nancy, changing her name to Nancy Davis.

After graduated college in 1943, Mrs. Reagan moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams in the movies and later met Screen Actors Guild president Ronald Reagan.  Nancy had discovered her name on a blacklist of suspected communist sympathizers but it was another actress with the same name.  She contacted Reagan for his help to resolve her situation and they fell in love.  Although he was still suffering the effects of his divorce from Jane Wyman, he relented and they married in 1952.

Nancy Reagan encouraged her husband’s career in Hollywood and later in politics, proving to be a valuable asset on the campaign trail and winning over support through her charm and devotion to her husband.

The juxtaposition of what the White House was during the Reagan years and today’s Obama Administration could not be more stark.

Mrs. Reagan was chastised for renovating and refurbishing The People’s House, which had fallen in to disrepair and neglect so severly that the china used for state dinners and entertaining foreign leaders was chipped and missing pieces.  The First Lady was adamant about restoring the residence of the leader of the free world to dignity and class.  She arranged for private fundraising to pay for the restorations and not a single federal dollar was spent.

Another brouhaha occurred when Mrs. Reagan accepted loaned designer gowns to wear at formal affairs.  Unbelievably, one former fashion executive, who had loaned gowns to the First Lady and received the benefit of free international press, actually complained to the Internal Revenue Service after the Reagan’s left office in 1990.  He was upset that she had never claimed the practice on her tax returns as a source of financial benefit!  Compare that to the swooning media and fashion industry who breathlessly report on Michelle Obama’s $12,000 Carolina Herrera gown that, by the way, no one knows who paid for or how much.  Oh, the hypocrisy!

While the press portrayed Nancy Reagan as privileged and distant, and had her detractors within the administration, she was always looking out for the President’s health and well being, highly conscientious of his schedule, sleep and nutrition.  She was a powerful ally, but if you got on her bad side, you were gone.

During 1982, she proved to the country just how influential she was in helping to develop policy and traveling 250,000 miles promoting her Just Say No to drugs program.

Once out of the White House and the constant limelight, the devoted couple traveled the world and established the Reagan Library until Alzheimer’s Disease took it’s awful toll.

Nancy Reagan touched the hearts of the world when she refused to leave her husband’s casket at the end of his funeral.  She could not bear to say goodbye to the only man she had ever loved.

She became an advocate for embryonic stem cell research and lobbied President George W. Bush to fund research and pass legislation toward the goal of eliminating the disease that claimed President Reagan.

It seems right to quote one of President Reagan’s most iconic speech, given after the space shuttle Challenger accident.

Ronnie and Nancy wave goodbye 2036377dk003-reagan

“They honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them… as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and “slipped the surly bonds of earth” to “touch the face of God.”